The Right CRM System Helps With Decision Making

Sep 18, 2014 | General

CRM Helps With Decision Making

Today, it’s not enough to know how your team is doing; you need to know how and why your team is performing as they are. By utilizing Act! and Zoho CRM, you can evaluate your team’s performance and make the right decisions for your business.

Establish Measurable Trends and Patterns With a CRM System

While CRM clients vary, sales and performance trends can be understood with the right software. Act! and Zoho Customer Relationship Management Systems collate data so that you know what products or services your customers are buying and why.

By focusing on what is selling and what isn’t, you can make important decisions about where to focus and redirect your sales and marketing teams for optimum efficiency. Act! and Zoho CRM help with some of the most important aspects of decision making for company leadership. For example, imagine the power behind having the following:

  • Custom crafted reports, graphs, and projections for each part of the company sales cycle.
  • Create and edit select metrics unique to your company to see how your team is measuring up versus performance goals and industry standards.
  • Identify areas needing increases and decreases based on the performance of each team member.
  • The ability to accurately forecast sales on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

The Power of Knowing “When”

Each new customer contact and client win is important. Imagine the impact on your business if you knew where in the sales cycle the customer made their ultimate buying decision? With Zoho CRM and Act! systems, you won’t have to guess because that will be a reality. Let’s look at a few unique situations, that, when managed by CRM, would have a positive effect on your business:

  1. If a client is making a purchasing decision midway through your sales cycle, with either Act! CRM or Zoho CRM you can adjust the contacts activity and save everyone effort. You and your sales team can decide how and when to reach out to potential clients based on your marketing and sales history.
  2. Make your product and service offerings timely and relevant to those who matter most…your customers. As an example, using Zoho Campaigns (emarketing integrated with Zoho CRM) allows you to save time and target your customers with the offers they most want. This will separate your company from the others that bombard your customer with information or offers that are poorly timed or not desired.

Make The “Yes” Happen With CRM

Customers today don’t want to be sold to. They’re looking for partners that will help them eliminate problems and enable their company to grow. An effective CRM system will give you the ability to be such a partner. CRM tools such as Zoho CRM and Act! provide the ability to track the issues that are most important for each customer – enabling your team to investing in each relationship with the services and products that will make the difference. With a properly designed CRM system, you will be able to give your customer the information that will make the “yes” happen.

AspenTech Consulting Group is ready to help you move forward with implementing the right CRM system for your business. Rather than use a scattershot approach to reaching your clients, a finely tuned CRM system will give you the information you need to give your clients the information they need to make the right decision. Being able to foster a positive relationship with your customers allows them to more easily make the confident decision that your services and products are will benefit their organization.

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