Remove Act! Branding on Email Footers in Act! Marketing Automation (AMA)

Apr 1, 2022 | General

How to remove the “Powered by Act!” logo in Act! Marketing Automation email footers

In February 2022, Act! added an additional branding element to all emarketing emails sent out via Act! Marketing Automation (AMA).  The default setting now is to include this additional branding element. However, we wanted to inform clients, that you can easily change your AMA preferences to not include it.

Here’s an example of the footer element we’re referring to:

Don’t want the “Powered by act!” logo?  Here’s how to turn it off.

  • Inside AMA, go to the Admin area
  • From the top dropdown, select “Account – Configuration”
  • Press “Go”
  • Change “Email Act! Branded Footers” to “Off”
  • Actions > Save
  • The next email send (test or actual send) will not have the “Powered by act!” logo