Defining CRM Value Series – 3 of 4 – Reduce Costs with Zoho and Act! CRM Systems

Jan 5, 2015 | General

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It’s no secret that your company is in business to generate a profit and as the leader of the organization you want to make wise investments in tools that produce a measurable return.

By focusing your customers’ experiences and increasing your efficiency with a CRM system, your company can increase overall sales to new and existing customers, develop more trusted relationships with customers, and work smarter.

Reduce Costs with Better Timing

Are you seeing your clients when they want and need to see you?

For example, with the right data set and report from Act! and Zoho CRM, you can see whether your marketing activities are in sync with your current and potential client’s buying cycles.  This offers your team the opportunity to quickly and effectively determine the right time to approach prospects and customers with timely and relevant information about your products and services.

Achieve a Better ROI With CRM

Act! and Zoho CRM can help your company to increase a return its marketing investment with your existing clients.  With the available data and the reports you can generate from a CRM system such as Act!, you’ll be able to craft the right marketing message at the right time. The relationship between your sales team and your customers will flourish when your marketing dollars and effective sales touches combine to make things happen when your clients are ready.

Building solid relationships means focusing on your customers. That focus will also help you see if there are opportunities to enhance your sales opportunities with the products that your clients didn’t even know they were looking for. With Act! and Zoho CRM, you’ll be able to identify these cross-selling and upselling opportunities to turn your clients into more profitable customers.

Avoid Un-Needed Purchases and Costs

A customer relationship management system can help your organization avoid spending money and time on activities that don’t produce a return.  Here are some examples of how an Act! or Zoho CRM system prevents your company from wasting its valuable resources:

  • Chasing potential customers that consistently stay out of your reach and waste the time of your best sales person.
  • Missing the opportunity to take advantage of product and service cross-selling opportunities with your prospects and customers.
  • Only creating ongoing engagements with customers and prospects that are responsive to communication and emarketing touches.

Reduce Costs with a CRM Database

Let’s look at reducing costs by having a centralized customer database for your company. In order to create a leaner, more cost-effective operation, you need to use all resources that are available.  By employing an Act! and Zoho CRM system you can leverage your most significant asset – your client base.  Here are some examples:

  1. You can create a centralized customer relationship – all of your clients’ information, from contact info to sales histories, are stored in one readily accessible, secure database.
  2. Your sales team will be more efficient, because they’ll be able to access the tools they need when they need them – in the office or out in the field.
  3. You can market to your clients with relevant emarketing activities.  By accessing specific client demographics, needs, and information, your team will have a concrete and timely purpose for customer marketing.
  4. Thanks to the data you will have collected in your Act! or Zoho CRM system, your team will know the status of each client within your sales cycle.

Contact us today and let’s get started taking your business to the next level by increasing your ROI and helping to streamline your operating costs through CRM.

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