Reach, Capture and Expand your Email Marketing using Zoho Campaigns

Apr 5, 2021 | General

Reach, Capture and Expand your Email Marketing using Zoho Campaigns

Reach your audience…

Capture their attention…

Expand your customer base…

Email is the #1 communication channel in society today. Did you know that the majority of consumers check their email AT LEAST once per day? 

The benefits of using email for communicating include:

  • being the preferred channel for most
  • email is non-threatening – a recipient can reply when they want to
  • email gives the recipient more freedom
  • it helps both the sender and recipient avoid wasting time waiting for responses

The use of email in marketing helps promote products and services as well as increases customer loyalty. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that can educate an audience on the value of your brand, provide awareness of new products, services or discounts and keep your recipients engaged with your business.

There are several different Email Service Providers (ESP) available to help facilitate email marketing. They all share the abilities to segment an audience, build and organize mailing lists, distribute campaign content to an audience and track results.

Zoho’s solution to email marketing is an enhanced and powerful email marketing experience called, Zoho Campaigns. It offers a platform for dynamic and personalized content, subscriber management, use of pre-designed templates, automation set-up, eCommerce integration and more!

Advantages of using Zoho Campaigns:

  • the ability to leverage your Zoho CRM Contact data by syncing it straight to Campaigns
  • Campaign Management allows you to plan and keep track of campaigns in your Zoho CRM 
  • facilitates compliance with Federal Regulations concerning commercial messaging (CAN SPAM, CASL, GDPR)
  • helps to build and maintain a positive sender reputation
  • promotes the creation and use of sign-up or opt-In forms that can be customized and embedded on your website
  • Zoho Campaigns allows you to manage subscribers, create professional email designs using templates with drag and drop editing tools
  • enhances email deliverability by offering domain authentication
  • simplifies reporting used to track email performance based on Opens, Clicks and inactive recipients

To learn more about Zoho Campaigns, attend our upcoming Zoho Skill Builder Webinars! 

Zoho Campaigns: Getting Started

**This is a pre-recorded Zoho webinar for purchase

Zoho Campaigns allows Users to create impactful email campaigns to better engage customers and prospects. With a focus on integration with Zoho CRM, we will discuss federal regulations, industry standards and email deliverability. Using setup options, we will show you how to lay the foundation for your campaigns, keeping them compliant while managing your sender reputation. We will focus on best practices for setting up your Zoho Campaigns application for email marketing.

Zoho Campaigns: Leveraging your Zoho CRM Data

Webinar Scheduled: May 27th, 2021 11:00 AM EDT

We will explore the workspace and define who to send your campaign to. This session will dive into the mechanics of building and managing your mailing lists as well as starting to design content for your campaign. This class will focus on best practices for creating a mailing list and maintaining a clean list of recipients using Zoho CRM as your data source.

Zoho Campaigns: Design and Send your Campaign

Webinar Scheduled: June 10th, 2021 11:00 AM EDT

This course will build upon the content of the previous “Zoho Campaigns: Leveraging your Zoho CRM Data” webinar. In this session we will use advanced options to design a campaign. This class will focus on best practices for formatting e-marketing content, using templates and delivering your campaign to better capture your clients interest and track their engagement. We will also discuss how to manage your recipients based on campaign reports indicating bounced emails and unsubscribes.

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