Proud to Announce AspenTech CRM is now an Act! MaaS Certified Consultant

Jun 9, 2020 | General

Great News! AspenTech CRM is Now MaaS Certified by Act!

We’re regularly sending out announcements, newsletters, and blogs to keep you up to date. But we think this one is extra special for us at AspenTech CRM (and for our Act! clients of course) so we hope you read up. In short, Act! has endorsed AspenTech CRM as an expert in the Act! Marketing Automation tool.

AspenTech CRM recently was been awarded another level of consulting certification by Act!.  In addition to being certified in Act! CRM, we are now an Act! Certified MaaS Consultant. While there are many Act! consultants, there are only a handful MaaS certified consultants worldwide right now.  AspenTech CRM is one those few!

You might be asking “What is MaaS?”

Great question.  MaaS stands for Marketing as a Service.  There’s a good chance many of you may never have heard of it because it’s a new trend right now. Not so many years ago, many companies had to hire a marketing consulting agency to manage their mass-marketing and branding efforts. With the new digital age, more and more marketing technology is at your fingertips.  More and more of those options are now designed to be user-friendly, self-service oriented, and more cost effective.

Act! Marketing Automation = MaaS Technology

Most of our clients by now have heard about Act! Marketing Automation (AMA).  Just in case, you can read more here.  When Act! rolled out AMA, that was their foray into the MaaS service segment.  AMA is built to not only to be a self-service marketing and sales tool, but it also is built around integrating directly with your Act! CRM.

What can AspenTech CRM do for you?

Let’s just be honest, AMA is a pretty advanced tool with a lot of great functionality.  From scheduling multi-email nurturing campaigns to building custom web forms.  From posting videos to tracking your website traffic.  AMA is feature-packed and sometimes people just want some help from time to time. 

Some clients hit the ground running and just contact us for advanced questions.  It’s pretty amazing to see our clients’ creativity and ideas. Others want more help getting started, then take off running.  Whether it’s an online webinar or one-on-one custom training, AspenTech CRM can get your team up and running smoothly.

MaaS Certified Consultant = Your Partner in Marketing Success!

What does it take to be certified?

  • MaaS certification is an endorsement from Act! that shows that we are expert consultants for the Act! Marketing Automation product
  • We are one of only a handful of these certified experts in the world
  • Completed an Act! MaaS Certification course and assessment
  • Have 3+ years of consulting experience with marketing automation and sales CRM.  We just passed our 25 Year Anniversary, supporting clients’ sales and marketing needs!
  • We have dedicated staff with comprehensive product knowledge and best practice expertise
  • Several of our clients had to send written endorsements of our services (thank you!)

Kelly is a fantastic Act! Consultant and coach. Our company has a very tailored Act! System, and Kelly is always here to help answer any questions, work through system upgrades, and train new associates. Kelly has been able to train me into becoming very versatile in Act!, while also teaching me how Act! can help our marketing and business strategies. One of the greatest assets that Kelly has enabled my company to do is to implement Act! Marketing Automation (AMA). We now use this exclusively for our e-marketing system and will continue to do so. This system along with Kelly’s help has allowed us to elevate our e-marketing platform, strategy, and made us more top-of-mind to our customers. Kelly works with her customers to ensure they have all of the information needed to be successful and provides helpful tips and trick along the way. Kelly is a great team member and one that I value having in my professional network. – Jennifer F., Marketing Communications, Royal Oak, MI

We have been using Act! for several years and recently moved over to the Growth Suite so that we could use AMA. It was a big transition for us, and one that would not have been successful without Kelly’s expertise. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, Kelly is responsive, patient, and goes above and beyond what most would do. No question is ever left unanswered with Kelly. We could not have done this upgrade without her guidance and support. If you are doing anything with AMA, I highly recommend working with Kelly on your project. She will ensure it’s a success. – Kris L., Marketing Support, Chapel Hill, NC