New Zoho One Features Launched!

Sep 12, 2019 | General

What’s New in Zoho One?

It’s the 2-year anniversary for the Zoho One platform.  To celebrate, they’ve launched an abundance of new features for 2019!

Take a look….

New Features

Dashboards and Reports now provides administrative users the ability to monitor user activity, sign-ins, app usage and account security.

PhoneBridge Integration within Zoho One provides centralized management of your VOIP / Zoho integration and allows the user to make calls using Zoho apps.  This includes contextual information for your incoming and outgoing calls.

User Management udpates allow for taking action on a group of users (resetting passwords, provisioning apps, etc.) and managing them based on states (i.e. not joined, not invited, etc.)

Organizing Apps in My Apps and Launcher give users the ability to organize their apps and workspace in a a personal way.  

Extensive User Information includes more information about the user like company info (Employee ID#, Reports To), personal info (DOB, Gender), etc.

Orchestly is a new Zoho app included in Zoho One that manages inter-department work flows with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

More App Provisioning (and not just Zoho apps!) Zoho has provided the option to add Custom Apps, Marketplace Apps and other apps to the dashboard.

 In just 2 short years we’ve seen a lot of change:

  • The platform began with 35 applications and has grown to 45+

  • Currently supports 20,000 customers

  • Average number of apps used in a Zoho One operating system is 18

  • 2 new data centers have recently been opened in Australia

As a proud Zoho Partner, we’d like to congratulate Zoho on their 2 Year anniversary of Zoho One!  Here’s to many more years AND many more updates!  If you’re interested in speaking with our team about Zoho for your business solution, please contact us at 866-880-4228 or

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