New Social Sharing features for SEMA / SwiftPage

Apr 30, 2012 | General

Sage E-Marketing for Act!With new “Social Sharing” features you can now connect your Sage E-Marketing for Act! (AKA SEMA / AKA SwiftPage) emails directly to your social media accounts.   Using the new “Share at Send” feature, you can expand your email audience by automatically posting your email to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.  Using “Footer Sharing” you’ll add social media sharing to your email, encouraging your recipients to share your emails with their social networks.

Here are just two examples of how you could use this new feature to promote your organization:

1. You have a great newsletter with a strong message promoting your services.  With Social Sharing, when you email your newsletter from Act!, you can automatically post a web version of it on your social sites, immediately expanding the potential universe of readers for your company’s message.

2. Have you ever gotten an email in your inbox that you wanted to share?  Sure, and now with Social Sharing we can let our emarketing readers easily share our great content.  By enabling the footer sharing feature in your Sage E-Marketing for Act! account, your recipients can click on a button and tell their networks on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn about your message. Your marketing emails can now expand your universe for new leads.

Email marketing coupled with social media is a growing trend in digital marketing.  If you would like to learn more about implementing Sage E-Marketing for Act! and how to improve your social media footprint, contact Greg today! ( / 734.455.7188)