New Features Welcomed From Zoho CRM

Feb 16, 2015 | General

Zoho CRMOwners of Zoho CRM Systems recently received enhancements that will allow their systems to not only function more effectively, but will also introduce some aspects to help streamline the day-to-day operational usage of CRM.  Let’s explore the highlights of each upgrade below:

1. Option to Sort the Order of Notes

Users will now be able to select their preferred order of listing notes in the notes section.  Previously, users had to scroll down to the end in order to add a new note.  Now, a selection can be made to have the most recent notes placed at the top or bottom per the user’s preference.

2. More Options Added for the Date and Date – Time Criteria

Now, Zoho users will have additional options in the list date and datetime criteria.  These include:

  • Last/Current/Next Month
  • Last/Current/Next Month

3. Option to Change Primary Field Label Of Custom Modules

Until now, users were not able to change the field label of primary field in custom modules and set their preferred CustomModule* Name.

Now they will be able to edit it from the “Fields” tab in customize. The primary field labels of the custom modules will hold an option to edit.

4. Introducing IMAP to Zoho CRM (For Enterprise Edition Users)

IMAP email can now be integrated into Zoho CRM that will allow the emails to be viewed inside the CRM account in the record details page contextually.  Users will also be able to:

  • Send and receive emails from within Zoho CRM directly
  • Receive notifications through MailMagnet
  • Keep their mailboxes automatically updated all the time

5. Special Enhancements for The Free Edition of Zoho CRM

Several integrations are now supported.  These include:  Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Survey, Zoho Projects, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Reports, Zoho Support and even opened Documents tab in the Free Edition of Zoho CRM.

6.  There’s a Pulse… 

Remember the cool functionality to keep track of Inactive records and Records followed by You in the Pulse tab? They are back in the Feeds module now as ‘Untouched Records’ and ‘Followed by me’ options.

Followed by me:  By default, all the records that you own will be followed by you and listed in your Feeds. But those of which you choose to follow manually or through auto-follow rules will now be listed in the Followed by me section, so you don’t miss them among the other feeds.

Untouched Records: You can select the untouched records option to view inactive records for a selected period of time. You can view records that are inactive for up to 180 days by setting your preferred period using the slider.

7.  Phone Number Validation

In order to ensure that your CRM database does not get flooded with invalid phone numbers, Zoho has implemented telephone number verification across all modules on its platform.

8.  Track Google AdWords Visitors

Now the Marketing Information section of every Visit will also include the respective Google AdWords details. Of course, this is possible only if the Zoho CRM account in question has both Zoho Sales IQ as well as Google AdWords integrations enabled. In such a case, when a new user visits your website via a Google AdWords campaign and submits a contact form, you will have a lead created in the Leads Module and the lead will also appear in the Leads/Contacts stream of the Visits module.

9.  Additional conditions for date/date-time fields criteria 

When you set criteria for date/date-time fields across Zoho CRM, you will now have “Current/Last/Next – month” & “Current/Last/Next week” options added to the list of conditions. This way it gets easier for you to set the criteria.

10.  Sort Order Option Introduced for Notes

You can now sort notes in the order you desire – Recent First or Recent Last. Notes had two versions, old and new. The best of both versions have now been combined to make a single, user-friendly Notes feature that allows you to sort notes based on the time they were entered.

11.  Name field label of custom modules made editable

The field labels of default fields in custom modules are not usually editable. But the Module Name field label can now be renamed. For example, if you create a new module called Students, the field label “Student Name” can be renamed. This change is not applicable to other default fields of custom modules.

12.  Additional Print Options for Records 

Now, there are additional options (aside from the default print option) that have been introduced for all records across modules. These are Mail Merge, Email Templates and Inventory Templates.

If you have any questions on the above new enhancements, or, how to maximize your Zoho CRM please contact the CRM experts at AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc.

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