New Features for Act! Marketing Automation Select-level Tier

Apr 10, 2023 | General

New Features for Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) Select-level Tier

This is one of the more exciting changes Act! has made for Act! Marketing Automation (AMA). Please note these changes only apply for current AMA Select tier subscribers.  The Complete and Advanced tiers have always had this functionality.  There is no change to the features for the Basic free AMA tier.

Previously, only the two higher paid tiers of AMA had access to the  “Nurture Drip Marketing” product features.  Going forward, all paid tiers, including Select, will now be able to:

  • Make advanced campaigns with decision logic or logic criteria. 
    • For example, send email recipients down different campaign “paths” based on if the recipient did or did not open or click a previous email sent.
    • Another example, create different campaign “paths” based on contact field values such as different campaign actions based on the contact’s State or Record Manager.
    • Note – If you have existing campaigns you would like to use this feature for it, you must pause the campaign to update/add these campaign steps. Contacts already past that timeframe or already at the end of the campaign will not be included in the new campaign steps.
  • Automatically review send list Groups for added or removed contacts.
    • For example, you have a campaign on-going for several months.  You want new contacts that are put into an Act! group to automatically start receiving a campaign’s emails.
    • Another example, if a contact is removed from a group, have the campaign automatically remove the contacts from the campaign for any future unsent emails they were originally scheduled to receive.
    • Note – If you have existing campaign you would like to use this features for, automatic list sync can only be turned on before activating a campaign or when you pause an active campaign. Automatic syncs can be configured to run every hour or once per day at a set time. Automatic syncs are not required; anyone can still do a manual list sync.


Please contact us for questions about your AMA subscription or if you’d like a quote to add AMA to your Act! subscription.

Below is the full feature comparison for all AMA tiers.

AMA Features & Functionality Basic Select Complete Advanced
Email marketing x x x x
170+ responsive templates x x x x
Interactive template editor x x x x
Email tracking & metrics x x x x
Turnkey campaigns   x x x
HTML email editor   x x x
Social sharing   x x x
Landing Pages   x x x
Surveys   x x x
Drip marketing x x x x
Visual workflow designer x x x x
Campaign calendar x x x x
Deliverability & compliance tools x x x x
Marketing Automation to CRM workflow     x x
Response-driven nurture marketing   NEW! x x
Asset tracking     x x
Advanced lead capture     x x
Lead management & scoring     x x
Event marketing     x x
Website activity tracking     x x
Progressive profiling       x
A/B testing       x
Email sends per month 2,500/mo 25,000/mo 50,000/mo 100,000/mo

Additional Marketing Automation Options:

All Levels – Select, Complete and Advanced
Additional Marketing Automation Emails – $15/2500 emails/month
Additional Marketing Automation Domains – $50/domain/month

Questions about Act! Marketing Automation?

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