New Act! v18 CRM Offerings

Feb 20, 2016 | General

Act! v18 CRM Features

The recent release of Act! v18 provides an organization with four different solutions for effective Customer Relationship Management: Act! Premium v18, Act! Premium Cloud v18, Act! Pro v18 and Act! Essentials.

Here are the highlights of each new Act! v18 CRM offering:

Act! Premium v18 CRM

Act! Premium v18Your data in Windows, Web and Mobile: all vital access points for your entire team. Act! Premium v18 includes emarketing and call list improvements, updated web/cloud capability, Windows 10 and MS Office 2016 compatibility and improved integration capability with an all new web API. Learn more.

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Act! Premium Cloud v18 CRM

Act! Premium v18Enjoy the full benefits of Act! Premium v18 CRM in a cloud environment with no server required and secure access to all of your contacts and data! Learn more.

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Act! Pro v18 CRM

Act! CRMExpanded features that allow a 360 degree view of your emarketing and sales activities, and, for Act! CRM to become the command center for a small workgroup. Learn more.

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Act! Essentials

Act! EssentialsA simple, inexpensive web and mobile solution for a start-up business, or entrepreneur.  Bring key aspects of your business into focus, contacts, activities, notes, history and email marketing. A great first step for those who are entirely new to CRM! Learn more.

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