New Act! Marketing Automation in Act! v21

Nov 7, 2018 | General

New Act! Marketing Automation in Act! v21

With the release of Act! v21 Premium, Act! has something very exciting in store for its users: the all-new Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) platform. AMA will be a comprehensive way to optimize all the ways you engage with your prospects and customers and take your marketing to the next level.

Act! Marketing Automation will make it easy to optimize the many ways you communicate with your prospects and customer to maximize engagement, drive business growth, and take your marketing to the next level.

What is Marketing Automation?

As PCMag states, “Think of marketing automation as the smarter and more powerful older sibling of email marketing. Marketing automation lets marketing plan extend customer interactions without requiring manual intervention.” Managing your emarketing campaigns well can require a lot of time from your employees. Creating templates, managing send lists, sending blasts. Tracking open and click results and assigning follow-up can be tedious. Marketing Automation is meant to alleviate some of these steps by automating them based on rules. If someone, clicks on a particular link, marketing automation can automatically send follow-up emails based on their interest or assign an Act! activity for the appropriate sales person. Manage newsletters to automatically be sent out. Create a sign-up form that imports that data into your Act! database without website design skills or help from IT. And much much more! (Credit: automation-what-your-small-busi).

AMA – Emarketing Campaign Management

Act! Marketing Automation will help you take your marketing capabilities much farther than traditional emarketing. With comprehensive campaign management, you’ll not only be able to send out email blasts, but also engage customers with extensive drip marketing and nurture campaigns. This product features a visual workflow designer and interactive template editor to allow users the ability to create truly advanced campaigns.


  • Email Blasts: Send out your mass email campaigns directly out of Act!
  • Drip Campaigns: Have intelligent, automated follow-up based on results such as opens
  • A/B Campaign Testing: Compare if different versions of a template have a better open rate
  • Advanced Email Template Editor: Easy to use, yet with very advanced functions as well
  • Direct HTML Template Creation: Have your designer create beautiful campaigns from scratch
  • Landing Pages and Forms: Create custom forms that import results directly into Act! and more!

AMA – Marketing Lead Management

Act! Marketing Automation will also offer effective lead management through lead capture, lead scoring and lead nurturing. Sales teams can prioritize follow-up based on customer engagement with marketing efforts. You’ll get real-time response metrics and have actionable customer insights.


  • Website Traffic Data: See visitors, view times, page views, traffic source
  • Custom Lead Scoring: Prioritize leads by your own  calculations based on email opens, clicks, etc.
  • Automated Sales Actions Based on Results: Trigger follow-up emails, create Act! activities or opportunities and more
  • Easy-access Email Result Searches in Act!: Quickly lookup in Act! interested leads, bounces, or opt-outs.
  • AMA Results Tab on Contacts: Easily see contact-specific metrics such as Last Link Opened

How to Get Started?

Contact AspenTech CRM today to get more information or get started with advanced Marketing Automation in Act! v21 Premium. Act! will also provide a Concierge on-boarding service for new Marketing Automation customers. The Concierge will help take you through the features and guide you in marketing best practices and email deliverability.

Please note – Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is directly replacing the old Swiftpage Emarketing (SPE), which is being retired in December 2018. Please note that AMA is a separate product than Act! Emarketing (AEM). For those customers with current AEM accounts, you will continue to have the same service. However, you may want to consider upgrading to Act! Marketing Automation.

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