New Act! Marketing Automation Custom Training

May 12, 2020 | General

AspenTech CRM Now Offers Custom AMA Training

AspenTech CRM has long offered our two-part webinars covering Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) in our Act! Skill Builder Webinar program.

However, some people need more hands-on, in-person training.  Other clients want to train directly in their own system in class, instead of watching a presentation on a demo database.

To meet these needs, AspenTech is proud to announce that we are now offering custom Act! Marketing Automation training options for those of you looking to get more in-depth, one-on-one training for AMA.

This course is broken down into three 1.5 hour sessions during which you’ll go over: 

  • Making sure your AMA account settings are properly configured 
  • How to assign or edit user permissions
  • One-on-one template creation
  • How to develop Groups for send-lists
  • Creating advanced campaigns
  • Understanding how to activate, pause and edit campaigns 
  • Understanding campaign list syncs and send-time intervals
  • Interpreting your send-results
  • How to use reporting features 
  • and more . . .

Contact us for more information, including full agendas.  We can also adjust the agendas for the Professional-level users of Act! Marketing Automation which has less features than the Premier and Ultimate AMA plans.

If you’re interested in learning more about this great training opportunity, please let us know. 

Not familiar with Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) ?

Simply put, marketing automation is in the same field as email marketing – except more powerful and smarter. Managing your emarketing campaigns can require a lot of time from your employees. From creating templates to managing send lists to sending blasts, the tasks can build up. Also, tracking open and click results and assigning follow-up can become tedious. With marketing automation, this can alleviate some of these steps by automating them based on rules. Read more about Act! Marketing Automation. 

For example, if someone, clicks on a particular link, Marketing Automation can automatically send follow-up emails based on their interest or assign an Act! activity for the appropriate salesperson. With Act! Marketing Automation you can manage newsletters to automatically be sent out, create a sign-up form that imports that data into your Act! CRM database without website design skills or help from IT, and more. Contact us about pricing to start using AMA.