Mobile CRM Through Zoho Helps Sales Teams

Jul 24, 2014 | General

Zoho Mobile CRM in MichiganYour sales team works best when they are out meeting your customers. Doesn’t it make sense that your CRM works where they are? Instead of being locked to a desk, your sales team can go mobile with Zoho CRM. Available on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices, Zoho CRM gives your sales force the tools they need to connect with your clients in the palm of their hands.

Zoho Mobile CRM Features

The Zoho CRM app will import contacts to your sales teams’ mobile devices, and export contacts and the sales lead information that they need. Your team can search for and find those records on the server or their device – they’ll never be without the information they need. Your sales team can update a calendar or contact info, send an email, or set a task. It’s all connected, and everyone is updated at the same time.

You want to stay connected with your customers, both current and prospective. Zoho CRM gives your sales team the opportunity to work wherever they are. This keeps you up-to-date and lets you connect and comment. Your team members can update a client’s account status or contact information, too. They can add tasks or events, to ensure they don’t miss a client interaction. With Zoho CRM, you can link to their Facebook and Twitter profiles, adding more social mobility to your interactions. Your sales team can send emails and make calls to new hot sales leads, and log those calls instantly.

Mobile CRM Access Matters

Being able to access your CRM remotely through Zoho CRM gives your sales team the opportunity to respond to clients immediately. Your team can work more efficiently by finding nearby customer contacts and prospects via your Zoho CRM system. This means they can be selling instead of tied to a chair or trying to access the information they need.

Not every client is in a readily accessible cellular location. Or they may not have a guest WiFi you can use. The good news is, with Zoho CRM your sales team can work remotely, even if they’re not connected to a cellular or WiFi network. Just lock into airplane mode and update the CRM. The updates will automatically synch when your team member is connected to a network!

Zoho for Tablets and SmartPhones

Zoho CRM is also available from your tablet and smartphone’s web browser. The mobile web browser can be used when there’s connectivity – and, it’s available free for all Zoho CRM users. Zoho’s CRM Mobile Edition needs an internet connection – either through Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Your team can use either one to update and access the information they need to make the sales you need.

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