Mobile Compatibility Matters for CRM Systems

Jul 24, 2014 | General

Sales Tools - Act Mobile CRMYour sales team is in the field, doing what they do best…Selling. Support them in their endeavors with mobile access to Act! Act! Premium mobile works with your iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. All of the information for your business relationships are in a single place, accessed in one view allowing your sales team in the field to be informed and prepared for every encounter with a client or new prospect.

Mobile CRM Features

Act!’s mobile application means your sales force can manage their calendars and email, track calls and meetings and automate tasks in order to increase productivity. They can quickly and easily access all the relationship details for clients and prospects while away from the office.

Act! Premium allows your sales team to work faster and better using their mobile devices by accessing their client data live while on the road. Act! Premium Mobile seamlessly interacts with the tools your team uses in the office. Rather than go back to send an Outlook email or update contacts and calendars, your sales team can create and update on the go – it’s all automatically recorded.

Speed Up Sales Prospecting and Closings

Act! Premium’s mobile allows your sales team to can filter information the way they need to. Dates, status updates, and sales cycle stages are all readily accessible and a quick touch away. It’s a virtual office wherever your staff needs it. By offering this type of access, your sales team is always able to access the critical relationship details they need when it matters most…meeting with clients.

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