Leverage Your CRM Vendor Relationships

Nov 29, 2017 | General

Leverage Your CRM Vendor Relationships

While keeping your CRM running smoothly internally is always a chief concern, don’t forget about nurturing your vendor relationships as well.

Think about your vendor relationships in three buckets:

  1. Your CRM vendor and any other vendors who have worked directly on your CRM – to write code, add features, train your staff on CRM best practices, etc.

  2. Vendors who use your CRM. You may have some vendors who interact with your CRM to gather data for product fulfillment, manufacturers, bookkeeping, financial analysis, or as sales affiliates.

  3. Vendors who do not directly use your CRM, but who are nevertheless affected by it. This could include vendors who manufacture the products you sell (and who might be subjected to last minute “rushes” if your CRM forecasts are incorrect), or vendors you supply with product.

Let’s start with the last one – vendors who do not directly use your CRM. Approach this group the way you would approach your customers. What works well for them in their relationship with your company? What do they feel could be improved?

Vendors who use your CRM should be approached much like you would approach your team – investigate how they are using the system and determine if there are improvements in their process or your CRM that might make everyone’s life easier.
And your vendors who work directly on your CRM – these are your indispensable partners. If they understand your business processes well, they can suggest improvements, new products, and upgrades. If you change internal process, develop new products or hire new staff, your well-tuned CRM system will start limping – unless you consider how to involve your CRM in all aspects of your business. Remember: Keep your employees close and your CRM vendors closer!
At AspenTech CRM, we can give you not only a 360° view of your customers – we can also give you a comprehensive view of your vendors and their relationships with your CRM. Include your vendors as you analyze your CRM and you’ll find another area where improved efficiencies can improve your profits. Give us a call (866-880-4228) and let’s talk!