Launch of Zoho Analytics 5.0

Jul 29, 2021 | General

Zoho Analytics 5.0: AI Assisted Data Preparation and Analysis

Zoho has just announced the full release of their 5th iteration of the modern BI and analytics platform with a wave of advancements and the full release of the new application Zoho DataPrep!  New features put an emphasis on using AI (Zia) to assist data preparation in Zoho DataPrep, creating insights and exploring data using a chat bot, and as an embedded part of your dashboards.

Zoho DataPrep

DataPrep is a new self-service data preparation tool that can be used to vastly improve and speed up the tedious process of cleaning up data. It is integrated with Zoho Analytics and can be purchased as a standalone application.

Features Include:

Dataset Quality Indicator – DataPrep analyzes and profiles imported data to give an overview: 

  • indicating the number of types of data, 
  • the total number of rows and columns, and
  • the quality of that data.

It attempts to parse the data and indicates how often there may have been pitfalls due to inconsistent or missing data.

Zia Suggestions – DataPrep incorporates Zia to make intelligent suggestions on how to fix the errors in the dataset, with over 250 transformations, and to perform sentiment analysis

Rulesets – Data cleaning history can be made into a rule set, essentially a macro, that can be used in a workflow to perform consistent cleanings on a regularly imported dataset.

Cataloging Data – Tags and filters can be used to organize data, and datasets can be marked as ready to allow other users to quickly locate and use them.

Pipelines – Create scheduled processes of syncing data from a source, preparing it with a rule set, and exporting it to other applications. (Exporting to ZCRM is coming soon!) Data Prep can be utilized in Analytics by selecting the “Prepare Data” button when importing a table.

Utilizing Ask Zia in Analytics

Zia’s incorporation in Analytics has become more and more augmented as artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies become faster and better at producing insights. SQL querying is no longer needed for trivial use cases, as “Ask Zia” is a smart AI assistant that can answer colloquially asked questions and give answers in relevant reports. Zia understands English and Spanish (in beta). 

Data Stories

Analytics 5.0 comes with the ability to create immersive presentations that can be embedded with reports and dashboards utilizing the integration with Zoho Show.

Furthermore, dashboards that you create can be embedded onto an external website and/or as a tab or widget in Zoho CRM.

New Dashboards Mobile App

Zoho now offers conversational analytics with Ask Zia in the Zoho Analytics mobile App. With the 5.0 launch also comes a native app called Zoho Analytics – Dashboards, which allows you to quickly access and analyze your data on the go.

Other than those listed above, Zoho Analytics 5.0 comes with 60+ features. These include client portals, tabbed dashboards, import templates, windowing and granularity functions, viewer mode, word cloud chart, custom image background charts, KPI dial widgets, night mode and more.

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