Introducing Product Details (Line Items) Customization in Zoho CRM

Feb 16, 2021 | General

We are excited to let you know about a new feature in Zoho CRM, allowing users to customize the Product Details (Line Items) section within the CRM Inventory modules.  This includes the Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders modules.  These sections within the Inventory modules already contain fields like Product Name, Description, List Price, Quantity, Discount and more, but could not be modified to meet the specific needs of Zoho CRM users.  With the introduction of this new feature, these sections are now highly customizable!   

Existing fields in the Product Details (Line Items) section can now be edited – field properties like Required, Rounding, Decimal Places, etc. 

You can also edit the formulas on existing fields, say to remove Tax from the Total.  

Many of the existing fields can be removed, if you do not require them.  

New fields can also be added to capture additional information on a specific line item.

With the new line item fields, you have the ability to manually input information or you can pull information from the Products module like Manufacturer, Quantity In Stock, etc.  

And you can add “aggregate fields”, like Total Quantity for all of the line items or Average Discount.

Zoho CRM Product Details (Line Items) Customization

While we are very excited about this new feature, we also must caution you.  If you have any existing automation or integrations within these CRM Inventory modules that utilizes the Zoho CRM v2.0 APIs, you will need to employ the new v2.1 APIs following this change.  Please see Zoho CRM v2.1 APIs for more details.

If you require any technical support or would like to speak with our team about your customization requirements, please contact us