Introducing New AspenTech Training & Support Plans for Act!

Oct 1, 2020 | General

AspenTech CRM has been providing support to Act! users for more than 26 years, starting first with only on-site visits and troubleshooting blindly over the phone.  It’s amazing how technology has evolved to make technical support substantially better and easier over the years with remote monitoring, unattended systems access, online and web meetings, etc.  In the spirit of continuing to evolve and improve our technical support, AspenTech introduced our AspenTech Training & Support (ATS) Plans for Act! in 2016.  These quickly became popular with many of our clients and we’re excited now to be introducing our new and improved ATS Plans as of October 1, 2020.  

Support is at the heart of AspenTech’s Training & Support (ATS) Plans for Act!.  We want to ensure you have access to the technical resources you need to keep a mission-critical tool like Act! functioning at a high level for your organization.  At our Gold level, you get all the technical support you need for your core Act! products.  We also put you at the front of the line for those support requests.  And now, we’re also giving you access to our new client support portal, where you can easily create new tickets, check your ticket status, and correspond with our team on any of your open issues.  All of our ATS Plans for Act! include these benefits.  

In addition to technical support, all of our Platinum subscribers also get access to an annual Act! upgrade, support for Act! add-ons, and live webinar training.  

The annual upgrade gives you access to our team to perform one complete upgrade of your entire Act! environment during your plan year.  As Act! releases new builds and versions of the software, you know you’re covered to move to that latest and greatest release.  Staying current with your Act! software also helps to ensure compatibility with Windows and Office updates.      

The support for Act! add-ons extends your peace of mind into the additional applications that you’ve purchased and integrated with your Act! database.  

And the live webinar training gives your team unlimited access to register for free for our Act! Skill Builder Webinars.  These helpful webinars are designed to build your Act! skills, from end-user functionality to reporting, customization, administration and marketing automation.  

At our Diamond level, subscribers enjoy all of the benefits above as well as new user and computer setup, automated reports, backup and maintenance checks, and security audits.  This top tier plan extends your coverage to ensure virtually all angles of your Act! deployment are taken care of.  

The coverage for new users and computers provides installation and configuration services for Act! for any new users that come on board and join your team or any replacement systems you acquire.   

A selection of 67 customized reports is available for you to choose from and those reports will provide key insights into the utilization of your Act! database and the performance of your team.  

On a quarterly basis and with your permission, we will login to your master database and ensure that your ongoing backup and maintenance routines for Act! are running successfully and are producing good backups.  You never know when you’ll need one in the event of a disaster recovery scenario.    

We also provide you with a security audit, highlighting potential issues with unwanted and elevated access to features or issues with record visibility in your Act! database.  

As you can see, these plans are designed to give you coverage across virtually all aspects of your Act! deployment.  With our ATS Plans, you enjoy access to all of the subscriber benefits throughout the year, also sleeping well knowing that your Act! deployment is covered and your team will have access to the systems and resources they need.  

For complete details on AspenTech Training & Support (ATS) Plans for Act! or if you’re interested in getting a quote for your team, please contact us.