Integrated Project Management

Mar 19, 2019 | General

Integrated Project Management

With the right CRM, you can incorporate project management that brings your staff, vendors and customers together. Project management tools allow you to establish your baseline and critical paths, identify milestone dependencies, and manage your resources.

Save time by capitalizing on the information already available to you in your CRM when you implement a full suite of project management advantages:

  • Seamless collaboration: Use communication tools, including social media, to keep your team in touch with clients and vendors.
  • Project planning tools: Tasks, milestones and resource management allow you to break down complex projects into comprehensive workflow blueprints.
  • Task workflows: Send each day’s task assignments automatically to the right team member or vendor and track progression toward each milestone.
  • Gantt charts: Understand the dependencies of each significant project milestone to ensure resources are available at the right time.
  • Critical path tracking: Gantt charts also allow you to identify the critical path and baselines to ensure your team is meeting the most critical milestones.
  • Time tracking: Log billable and non-billable hours with timesheets that automatically generate client invoices.
  • Issue tracking: All projects encounter bumps in the road – get immediate insight as issues arise and understand how delays flow through the entire project.
  • Budget and cost tracking: Monitor any variances between planned and actual costs to manage overruns before they happen.
  • Document management: Keep all project documents in one place, so your team can access and collaboratively work on the most recent version.
  • App integration: In addition to integrating with your CRM, the right project management system allows you to plug in the most commonly used tools, such as Google, Slack, GitHub and Dropbox.

CRM + Project Management

Bring your CRM and project management together and create a more efficient flow. Avoid duplicating data and ensure seamless communication between all project resources. Give your project managers the insight they need to effectively meet the demands of each individual job. Improve collaboration between your in-house team and sub-contracted resources.

Take your project management to a whole new level. If you want to understand how integrated project management can make a difference for your team, I want to talk to you. Claim a spot on my calendar here for your complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session and learn how easy it is to improve your company’s effectiveness.

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