Integrate Your Team

May 16, 2018 | General

Integrate Your Team 

Businesses need to stay on top of everything, every time, all the time. Individual departments can’t function as standalone entities. As a business owner, a lost lead is money out of your pocket. By implementing a state of the art, strategic CRM system, you can bundle your call center, sales team and production and fulfillment departments into one synchronized team. You’ll be able to:

  • Link sales pipeline to production forecasts Incorporate customer support cases and solutions
  • Add inventory management including products, price books, invoices, purchase orders
  • Record outbound emails or link incoming emails to contact records
  • Create time-saving macros
  • Create assignment rules for workflow management
  • Features to improve call center efficiency
  • Synchronize with your calendar and contacts

Get your teams connected: Marketing, sales, procurement, support and management – everyone needs to be on the same page.  A well-implemented CRM lets your team members access feeds on site or in the field on any mobile device.

For example, if your sales teams are on the road presenting a new product line to your clients, access to your available product inventory is all in one place – products organized by serial number or other ID source; price books; even information on your sales from quote to purchase order to invoice. Your procurement teams can access this information as it becomes available, so there’s no lag time in communication.

Back in the office, track what’s happening in your business – for example, who’s been quoted, who is buying, when they last purchased, and the amount – you can create custom reports and schedule them so that they’re ready when you need them. Create a custom dashboard that speaks directly to each team member’s particular business needs.

Your marketing team will be armed with the information they need to customize and target your email campaigns. You’ll also be able to link with your social media accounts to stay in touch with your most important influencers. 

A growing small business can easily leverage CRM power to become a more productive and efficient organization.  Everyone in your organization will be able to serve your clients at a higher level. 

You know your business. We know CRM. Get in touch today and let’s get started. Contact one of our CRM experts today at (866) 880-4228 or click here to start a conversation. 

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