Improve Your Sales Pipeline, Part 3: Customer Service

Aug 29, 2018 | General

Improve Your Sales Pipeline, Part 3: Customer Service

Your sales pipeline has three major components: Sales management, online customer insights, and customer service. In part 1 of our series, we covered how to improve your sales pipeline using your CRM to enhance sales management. Then in part 2 we explored how customer insights can be used to fill your prospect funnel. Today we’ll look at how a well-built and efficiently deployed CRM can improve customer service and retention.

Key Components to Improve Customer Service & Retention

First, the way you store customer data has a huge impact on your customer service. Your CRM should contain all pertinent customer data:

  • Correct contact information
  • Contact preferences (email, text, phone, etc.)
  • Date they first became a customer
  • Dates of all purchases
  • Details on type and price of products purchased
  • Notes on any feedback from the customer
  • Emails sent and status (opened, unopened, blocked)
  • Any pertinent “point of life information”
  • Birthday and/or anniversaries (work? wedding? depends on your type of business)
  • Any gathered survey information

Marketing: Remember that marketing is a type of customer service – and tells your customers that you are interested in understanding their needs. The more information at hand, the better you can segment your audience and market to the right people, at the right time, about the right product. Your marketing techniques that prove you understand and can solve pertinent problems build trust and confidence between you and your customers and prospects.

Informed Before Contact: Make sure your sales team knows about any issues a customer may have BEFORE they make that follow-up call or upsell. This information should be readily available on the customer record. Again, this tells the customer that you understand any problems they may be having with the product or service, and that you have taken corrective action. Don’t put your salespeople in the position of being surprised by a dissatisfied customer.

Post-Purchase Preparation: It’s also critically important to have as much information as possible available to your post-purchase customer service team. The more they know about your customers, the better they can offer them the service that matches the stellar reputation you want to build. Raise your customers comfort level as they see that you really do care about their satisfaction with your product or service.

Surveys Lead To Satisfaction: Post-purchase surveys are a good way to build customer satisfaction – and immediate follow-up with a dissatisfied customer is the difference between a lost customer and a long- term customer. This can also alert you to a problem with delivery or with the product or service itself, allowing you to look more broadly and make needed corrections in your processes.

Easy Data Access: Storing a lot of information is important – but making it accessible and appropriate to the person who needs it is even more important. Don’t make people sift through mounds of data – use dashboards and customized look-up modules to provide the most important information your salespeople and customer service team needs, when they need it.A well-constructed CRM can do all this and more for you. At AspenTech CRM, we ensure your system is built properly to meet your company’s specific needs. Your customers are our customers, and we understand the tools you need to create a successful, growing business. Get in touch today (866-880-4228 or here) to learn how to grow your sales pipeline through sales management, customer insights, and outstanding customer service.

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