HandHeld Contact for Act! – Updates & Android Notice

Mar 1, 2019 | General

HandHeld Contact for Act! – Updates & Android Notice

HandHeld Contact (HHC) is a popular 3rd-Party Add-on for mobile access your Act! database.  For our current and prosepecive HHC clients below are some important updates. For general info about HHC and other Act! mobile options, click here.

A Ton of New Features in The 2019 Updates:

  • Mapping Location Field: Location field in Activities was separated to support map enablement 
  • Activated Location field: Location field in Activities was separated to support map enablement
  • Sales Opportunities: As you are meeting with your customer you can edit, create and update
  • Add Photos: Add Contact Photos to Handheld Contact from your social media accounts and then store them on the device or in the cloud.  Handheld Contact even reloads them after a resend all data. 
  • Favorites: Add contacts to your favorites button so you will have easy access to the list
  • Searches: Searches, to allow you to create many similar searches without having to create each from scratch. We’ve also included additional search operators to enhance your query capabilities. Also, send group emails to texts or use these searches to map a driving route.
  • Alerts: Provides you one place to look for daily or weekly upcoming events, and advises you of upcoming Annual Events like Birthdays or Anniversaries. Don’t miss an important event again with HHC alerts!
  • Secondary Contacts: Not only can you access your secondary contact you can also promote them to a full contact with the click of the button, just like Act!.
  • Auto Sync: The HHC app initiates a sync based on the user sync schedule (this will work as long as the app is in foreground, and will work when app is in background for a limited time).
  • Email Activity Invitations: send email invitations through Handheld Contact
  • Export Calendar: With HHC 8.0 you can now export your Act activities right to your native iOS and Android calendars.
  • Device Data Summary:  See exactly how many Contacts, Activities, Notes, Histories, Opportunities and Secondary Contact there are in Handheld Contact
  • User Statistics: Have you ever wondered if your syncing is up to date?  With a click of a button users can now see the status of their Handheld Contact syncs, including the latest data sent and received.
  • Color Code Activity Types:  Go to your HHC settings and colour code every one of your standard and custom activity types.  Then when you glance at your calendar every type will be colour coded
  • Separation of Notes & Histories: HHC now has separate tabs for both notes and histories so you can sync and access the data that you rely on
  • Secure plus: With Secure+ enabled, the Handheld Contact admin can control when an in-app lock screen locks the app, how many password attempts are allowed, and whether or not to wipe all local data on the device.
  • Resend all Data: Added ability to trigger “Resend All Data” from device
  • Sync History on Device: Included visibility to all device sync history, allowing users to see what data was included in the last sync, as well as the last 24 and 48 hours
  • Increased Download Speed: Notes & Histories data technology was upgraded to more than double the download speed to the device.
  • Resend Config File: Added additional troubleshooting tools like the ability to download latest config file to device
  • Duplicate Contacts: Just like in Act you can duplicate a contact choosing to duplicate only primary fields or all fields
  • Copy and Paste: Added ability to copy text from view mode of notes and history items for Regarding and Details fields
  • Recording Like Act: Feature to record Date/Time’s of Histories similar to Act!
  • Multi-Select: Ability to multi-select on drop down list in Contact detail screen
  • Bug Fixes: General UI and performance improvements, as well as many bug fixes.

Android update: Google Policy Changes

Due to changes in Google Play policies, HHC can no longer offer Call Log or SMS permissions.  As a result of this, the following HHC features will not work as before or will not work at all:

  • Automatic CallerID will not work (however users can still get caller ID if they export HHC contacts)
  • Creating history from incoming phone calls will not work
  • History created from outgoing calls initiated from HHC will be fixed, default duration of 10 min. User will be able to change it.


Next Steps To Going Mobile With Act!

Want to shop around for Act! mobile options? Click here! With all these options, we know it can get confusing when you’re trying to figure out the best way to access Act! on a mobile device. AspenTech’s handy chart will help you evaluate your options.  Don’t hesitate to contact our team at AspenTech CRM if you’d like assistance in determining the right product, if you’d like to purchase any of these products, or if you need help with the installation or configuration.

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