Handheld Contact API Released

Mar 23, 2020 | General

Handheld Contact API Released

Keystroke Quality Computing has recently launched Handheld Contact API, a fast feature-rich mobile client available for Act! anywhere.

Handheld Contact API is just for Act! subscribers, as it leverages the power and speed of Act!’s WebAPI to deliver instant updates to the master database for most day to day tasks from your mobile IOS devices.

Handheld Contact API syncs unlimited contacts, calendars, and opportunities across multiple devices without the need to install any Windows software, making setup a snap.

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So what is the difference between the HHC Classic and HHC API?

  • HHC Classic and HHC API are two distinct products with separate pricing and features
  • HHC Classic and HHC API have similar core functionality; both apps have access to your Contacts, Calendar, Opportunities, and more
  • HHC Classic is available on both iPhone and Android
  • HHC API is currently available on iPhone only
  • HHC Classic does not require an API connection – best for Act! Pro or Act! Premium users without an active subscription
  • HHC API version requires an active Act! Subscription (access to the Act! API)
  • HHC Classic has an indirect sync between your Act! database and your phone
  • HHC API allows direct real-time data sync between your database and your mobile phone
  • HHC Classic has extra charges for each device
  • HHC API allows individual users to have multiple devices at no extra charge
  • HHC Classic has some record limits
  • HHC API has no record sync limits
  • See complete product comparison here

Next Steps To Going Mobile With Act!

With all these options, we know it can get confusing when you’re trying to figure out the best way to access Act! on a mobile device. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at AspenTech CRM if you’d like assistance in determining the right product, if you’d like to purchase any of these products, or if you need help with the installation or configuration.