Greater Retention & Productivity With The Right CRM Training

Mar 12, 2015 | General

The right CRM makes your business easier to manage. Still, the right CRM is so user-friendly; you may think you know everything about how to use it. (We alluded to that in a prior blog about The Top 5 CRM Mistakes).  But you’re just seeing the tip of the iceberg, and likely using a small percent of your CRM. There’s so much more information available for you to access – and leverage to your advantage.

The Right CRM Training…And Mindset

Why limit your capabilities? You should be using your CRM to help you in all ways possible instead of in just the way you expect. You’ve made the commitment to CRM; now make the commitment to learn how to use as much of it as you can. The right CRM training will open up endless possibilities. By determining the result you want for each team – or even each team member – you can tailor the training to the needed results.

The CRM Needs Of Your Team

For example, you think you know how to access the basics of your CRM – client contacts, purchasing histories, notes from your sales team. But you can access so much more if you don’t limit your staff’s training to the rudimentary features. You can hone your sales people’s skills not only by division, but by area. Outside sales people will have different needs than inside salespeople – and their needs can all be satisfied with the right training to optimize their usage of your CRM system.

Management will need a greater overview of the big picture. You don’t want to stymie their abilities to see what’s happening from the ground up. Particularly when your company has a history of promoting from within, you want to be sure that your management team knows how to use the CRM for more than just what they learned when they started.

The Value of Professional CRM Training

You’re busy – your employees are busy. But an initial investment in expert CRM training will make a huge difference in the long run. You’ll be better suited to access all the capabilities of your CRM if you make that initial investment in time and effort. You don’t have to lock in the same type of training for every member of your workforce. Expert CRM training will guide your employees in using your CRM the right way for their jobs.

Frustration or lack of knowledge shouldn’t lead to lack of use. By training your sales people in how to best use the CRM for their specific needs, you’ll help them meet and exceed their goals while ensuring that they are using every resource available. It’s like having a great smartphone and only using it to make calls. Why waste the resources at your fingertips?

Your sales force can access client data; monitor real-time marketing touches, and even deliver client information to the CRM with mobile access. But they can’t do any of that if they don’t know how to use the CRM that’s supposed to help them with their jobs. Teaching them how to incorporate the CRM into their jobs gives them and your business a greater return on investment.

No ‘DIY’ Solution For Successful CRM Training

No one wants to sit through a training that is only marginally about their area of expertise. Nor do they want to try and figure it out on their own; they’re just too busy.  Why waste everyone’s time? Tailoring each training program gets you the best results for each department.

By having an expert guide your staff through the nuts and bolts of CRM training, geared specifically to their needs, you’ll give your people what they want. Hands-on training gives your team the opportunity to learn as they go with clear, guided direction from CRM training experts.

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