Getting to The ‘Click’ With Your CRM Training

Apr 13, 2015 | General

Make CRM Training Stick and Click

Make #CRMTraining stick and click with #Zoho and #Act CRM Training from AspenTech.

Training your team how to use your CRM system has a number of very important components. AspenTech starts with a basic understanding of the CRM system design itself and then focuses on what your team members need learn, know, and master in order to excel at their jobs.

Still, there are some moments that can be frustrating for people in a learning environment. Perhaps your team members have figured out the basics of the CRM system and know just enough to do their jobs and anything more seems like a struggle. The professional CRM trainers at AspenTech work with your team to get through that exact struggle and reach “the click”.

That’s why it’s important to think of CRM training as an ongoing investment that will reap satisfaction and productivity benefits over time. New users will need training.  Staff change jobs and how they need to user your CRM changes as well.  Your organization is growing and you need to get more metrics and KPI’s out of your CRM.  These are all situations that require training so that the users can reach “the click”.

 What is the click?

The click is the point where learning becomes easy again, and a person’s understanding moves quickly from a basic level to proficiency towards mastery of a particular task or routine.  Once a basic understanding of the topic has been reached, people tend to not move beyond that level on their own, because they find themselves expending more energy and effort for less return and understanding.

What does it mean?

The click is the point where your team member moves beyond the point of frustration for not knowing how to complete a specific task to understanding how to complete a task our routine in the most efficient and effective way possible. With professional training, your team will learn how to get the most from your CRM platform for every aspect of their jobs. By getting to the click your team will be able to do their work and become proficient in their work that will help to foster a sense of accomplishment for your team.

 How does it factor into a work environment?

There’s always a learning curve within any work environment. When a new member joins your team, they have to quickly get up to speed on internal processes, systems, and more. Professional CRM training allows existing and new team members master your CRM system so that every accomplishment brings a sense of well-being that helps to lead to a more productive workforce for your organization.

 What does it have to do with CRM?

Obtaining mastery in using your CRM system presents a challenging learning curve that can involve periods of starting, stopping, forgetting, and re-training.  Sometimes, it feels as though you are spinning your wheels trying to remember routines and sequences to access data that continues to elude you.  It is at this point that training from a certified professional CRM expert proves to be invaluable for you and your organization.

 How does AspenTech get your team members to the click?

AspenTech prides itself not only on selecting the right CRM platform for your business; it also trains the members of your team to use the platform to its full utility. By working with your team in small groups, and cultivating a hands-on learning environment, AspenTech will shepherd your team through the initial “easy” phase and work with them during the difficult times where they feel burnt out and simply want to give up.

 The Click…The Promise

Turn to the CRM experts at AspenTech to help your team learn how to move beyond and outside of their comfort zones.  By utilizing more aspects of the CRM, your organization will better serve your customer base, helping your business grow.

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