First Meeting of the Zoho Michigan User Group

May 10, 2018 | General

First Meeting of the Zoho Michigan User Group 

On Friday, May 4, AspenTech CRM had the pleasure of co-hosting the first meeting of the Zoho Michigan User Group at our new office and training center in Novi, MI.  We were joined by 3 of our colleagues from Zoho (thank you Sukumar, Vigneshwaran, and Sathya!) as well as about 40 Zoho enthusiasts.  

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One of our key topics was Zoho CRM tips and tricks, highlighting powerful yet often overlooked features.  Many in the audience had no idea that some of these powerful features were available in Zoho CRM and are going to make it a point to incorporate them into their deployment very soon.  We discussed calendar and activity management, duplicate prevention and cleanup, automating follow-ups, scoring rules, the Zoho CRM mobile app, hidden secrets to searching your CRM database, and Zoho Blueprint.  Not only did we get to showcase these items, but attendees had opportunities to ask questions about them and discuss use cases for their organizations.  

Zoho Community

We also covered the Zoho Community and how it can benefit users of all types.  Zoho is working in many markets to create user groups like this one, they have their online community where you can post questions and seek answers to other common requests, and Zoho is regularly putting on or attending events where you have a chance for first-hand interaction with their team.  If you’re a Zoho enthusiast, be sure to check these out.

Zoho CRM 2018 Release 

Additionally, we spent some time on the brand-new features and functionality that are part of the Zoho CRM 2018 release.  That included updates to Zia (Zoho’s artificial intelligence (AI) bot), Data Encryption, Validation Rules, Portals, and more.  For a more detailed overview of the Zoho CRM 2018 release, check out our blog from earlier this year.  

And finally, we wrapped up the afternoon session with open Q&A where participants could ask questions of the Zoho and AspenTech CRM teams as well as get some 1:1 time for items that were more unique to them.  

If you joined us for this first meetup, thank you!  We truly enjoyed having you there.  If you couldn’t join us or weren’t aware we had this going on, please join the Meetup page to stay informed about future events.  As of now, we anticipate hosting these quarterly.  In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need anything.  We look forward to helping you get the most out of Zoho!

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