Exceeding Customers Expectations Using Zoho Desk

Dec 10, 2019 | General

Zoho Desk was honored in 2019 as a top help desk application and we want you to kick off 2020 on the right foot.  Check out Zoho Desk to learn more about exceeding expectations!

Zoho Desk received Editor’s Choice designation from PCMag.com in their Best Help Desk Software for 2019 comparison of the top 10 help desk software offerings. 

Zoho Desk received the 2019 Expert’s Choice Award from FinancesOnline.com.

Customers today have higher expectations than ever before.  With access to companies and products via social media platforms, it takes only a few minutes for them to express their desires or air their grievances to thousands of people about a product or service they are using.  And customer complaints reach twice as many people as customer compliments do!

Topping the list of main complaints regarding customer service is, “It takes too long to solve the problem.”  Why is that?  Oftentimes, it’s a result of poor communication.  

Zoho Desk is a help desk application for connecting, tracking and supporting your customers in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.    The platform provides transparency and communication regarding issues from start to finish.  It supports team collaboration by allowing more than one agent to work on the same ticket and communicate directly through the support tool.

Zoho Desk is easy to use, can be customized to fit your business needs and, through internal and external integrations, all of your data is in one place.  It promotes multi-channel capabilities through the use of email, web forms, live chat widgets and social media.  When customers get in touch with you, their messages and your responses filter through the Desk application and land in a common place.  No more clicking back and forth through tabs to find what you’re looking for; everything is at your fingertips!

If that’s not enough, there’s also a self-service portal that can be activated so that customers can help themselves to immediate answers using knowledge base articles created by actual users of the system.  By adding FAQs, job aids and “how to” articles, your agents can spend their time on more complex issues.

Zoho Desk also provides a time-tracking feature that has reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor agent performance and eliminate the question of, “how much time did I really spend on that ticket?”

As an organization, do you want to monitor which accounts frequently have issues?  Or, how long is the response time and closing of a ticket?  You can easily create these kinds of analytics within Zoho Desk or by connecting with many other apps in the Zoho suite.

Zoho is focused on high quality, timely customer service resulting in better business, stronger customer relationships and increased revenue.  With Zoho Desk, they’ve not only met expectations, they’ve exceeded them!

To receive more information about Zoho Desk and how it can help you service your customers, contact AspenTech CRM at 866-880-4228 or info@aspen-tech.com

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

~ Walt Disney

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