Drive Sales with CRM Gamification

May 10, 2018 | General

Drive Sales with CRM Gamification

Simply put, gamification is the process of taking something that already exists, your sales process or customer service and fulfillment and adding game components into it to motivate participation, engagement and loyalty. “Gamification can be used to nudge salespeople to enter client information, assess the quality of sales leads, and follow-up after sales meetings. Following these steps leads to a more effective sales process, benefiting both the salesperson and the company.” – Brian Burke, Researcher, Gartner

Sales managers have used games – contests, leaderboards and incentives – to drive performance since the profession began. Over the last few years, CRMs have adapted to make sales more of a game and less of a job, spurring sales teams to better results.

Beyond just earning points for making sales, you can incentivize your team to follow up quickly, enter information into the database, convert leads, and close deals.

This is a way to turn routine tasks into contests that appeal to both a sales team’s camaraderie and competitiveness. As daily activities are accomplished, salespeople earn badges and trophies. More badges and more trophies mean more sales activities are completed – and more sales are made.

Sales managers can organize the games within the CRM to center on the tasks most important to them – perhaps your focus is speed of follow up or maybe your team needs extra encouragement to put information into the database. While the sales contests of old focused simply on closed deals, now you can also emphasize the activities that lead to successful sales.

Once the games are deployed, individual salespeople can initiate games on their own. They can invite another colleague to compete, or play in teams. New hires can get in on the action and more quickly get up to speed when invited to join in the games.

Since the games encourage high performance from everyone, the manager doesn’t have to worry about the salespeople leading the charge. Or, the manager can also drive the fun with a more elaborate competition among different territories.

Not only have games been shown to increase sales success, using your CRM means you can incentivize salespeople to log data at every step. This speeds the sales process, improves the prospect experience, heightens customer service and ensures your database is consistently updated with the information you need for future sales.

Winning deals is exciting – selling should be too! Every time an activity is performed, the sales rep is one step closer to winning a trophy or badge. With pop-up notifications, they’ll know their progress and have instant feedback on how close they are to their goal.

AspenTech CRM has helped hundreds of sales teams use their CRM system to drive and incentivize sales. Get in touch today (call 866-880- 4228 or click here) and let’s create the perfect CRM to help you improve the morale of your sales team and close more deals.

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