Did you miss AspenTech’s Zoho Campaign Update Webinar?

Feb 16, 2023 | General

Did you miss AspenTech’s Zoho Campaign Update Webinar?

If so, look no further!

You can review these topics and more by accessing AspenTech’s Zoho Campaigns Updates webinar, titled New Zoho Campaigns Syncs, Segments, Topics and Lists.

Are you looking to:

  • Combine and simplify managing clients in the CRM and marketing to the same clients using Zoho Campaigns?
  • Harness the power of creating a sub-set of clients based on geography, size, type, etc. and send relevant emails to them?
  • Minimize the number of unsubscribes and blocked emails in your marketing?
  • Create automation to facilitate a hands-off marketing process?


Updates include:

Are you looking to create responsive designs, custom messages, effectively deliver emails to your clients inbox and connect with new clients? Zoho Campaigns provides a platform to meet all of your email marketing needs.

Let the AspenTech experts assist you!

We can help you with:

  • Help setting up a topic structure that will grow with your business
  • Support managing contacts to make sending campaigns simpler
  • Guidance designing relevant content using formats, layouts, templates 
  • Assistance create automation to facilitate hands-off marketing process
  • And more!

At AspenTech CRM, we meet your customer data challenges head-on. We address every issue you might have with your Zoho implementation – whether it involves selection, technology, training, or process – and create a manageable plan. We then work with you to implement that plan so you can use your systems to their fullest potential, giving you a 360° view of your customers – and your business. Contact us or call 866-880-4228 to start a conversation with one of our experts.

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