Declare Your Freedom from Paper

Jul 30, 2019 | General

Declare Your Freedom from Paper

Are you still buried under piles of paper in the office?

Wish there was an easy way to break free and save some trees at the same time? Your CRM may hold the key. Many systems offer a number of ways to cut down on paper clutter and streamline all sorts of documents.
  • Purchase orders, invoices, payments – Accounting software is often the introductory CRM for many small businesses, simplifying and streamlining their accounts payable, accounts receivable, and offering easy reporting for tax and audit purposes. Many CRMs offer their own accounting modules, and the larger accounting CRMs offer plug-in options for many systems offering broader marketing and sales services, so there is no need for storing data separately.

  • Customer data – Long gone are the days of rows and rows of filing cabinets with alphabetized customer data, thank goodness, but if customers are filling out a paper order form, businesses are required to keep those forms on hand for audit purposes or in case a customer complains. Many small businesses hold onto these paper forms for a period of time, but all of them can be easily and securely digitized into your CRM so you can ditch the paper while maintaining the integrity of this sensitive data.

  • Project management – Complex projects can be organized to keep all pertinent documents together and available only to the specific team members assigned. These team members can also include the contact at partner companies or subcontractors. Valuable information gathered in phone calls and meetings can be stored – much better than the yellow sticky note or back-of-the-napkin filing system! With mobile access, notes from a lunch or on-site project meeting can be easily entered, stored, and made available to everyone on the project team.

  • Sales management – Remote access is a big boon for salespeople who travel. Sales documents, purchase orders, and customer notes can all be entered remotely, with no need to dig all the paperwork out of the car or briefcase and re-enter it when they are eventually back in the office. In house sales, customer service, and project teams also benefit from having the latest customer orders and information available immediately, shortening order fulfillment or project time and increasing client satisfaction.

  • Marketing management – Keep all your marketing materials on hand and available for anyone who needs them. Version control makes sure the latest information is being used so potential customers are seeing the most up-to-date documents. Social media integrations allow tracking of the effectiveness of different platforms, along with storage of graphics and posts. Larger marketing projects can be handled the same way client projects are handled, with an assigned team and the ability to keep all pertinent materials gathered in one place.

  • Document management –There are many options out there for document management, but there are key benefits for integrating this into your CRM. Sometimes the same documents are used for multiple projects, so if they are in your CRM they can be easily copied to all pertinent projects. Video clips, graphics, spreadsheets and reports can all be included and shared as needed from one single repository.

If you want to declare your freedom from paper, get in touch with us at AspenTech CRM. We can take a look at your current systems and challenges and design a streamlined system to meet your needs.

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