Cross-Selling Made Easy with Act! and Zoho CRM Systems

Oct 9, 2014 | General

CRM Features in Act! and Zoho Help Cross Selling

As a sales professional you are all about making the next sale and supporting your customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could expedite that process?  CRM systems such as Act! and Zoho CRM help you facilitate customer cross-selling and up-selling that lead to faster and bigger sales results.

Customer Information for Cross-Selling

Information about your clients is your most valuable asset. With customer relationship management systems from Act! and Zoho, you can assemble that information to help you make better decisions about your customers and prospects during the sales process.  A properly designed CRM system enables you to view your existing client base as potential new customers with detailed information about their pending needs so that the timing of your contact with them helps increase the value of your offering and solve a critical issue(s) for the customer.

Live Fire Cross-Selling With CRM

Let’s take a closer look at what can happen during the sales process with Act! CRM or Zoho CRM systems…

As an earnest sales professional you meet with an established client to learn more about their needs and the problems that your services and products can solve for their organization.  Prior to the meeting, you want to thoroughly prepare yourself lookup the client in your Act! CRM or Zoho CRM system.  A review of their payment history reveals that they pay consistently, on-time, and in some cases AHEAD OF TIME!  You also learn that approximately every 3-4 months this same customer contacts your organization with a request for support or new services.  Now, you have an opportunity to prepare your agenda for the meeting to include offering combined services and products that help the client now and into the immediate future because, at more desirable terms, because you were able to view a longitudinal history of the customer.

4 Key CRM Features for Cross-Selling

By effectively cross-selling your products and services by using CRM, you can increase your gross sales figures and deliver solutions to your customers that matter. Thanks to Act! and Zoho CRM, you already know what your clients are purchasing, and when those purchases need to happen. You even know how much effort your sales team puts into closing each sale – how many visits, how many opened emails, how many targeted touches are reaching the right person, when that happens, and the results.

With Act! and Zoho CRM systems, you’ll have the information you require about your customers’ purchasing history delivered they way you need it.  Here are some of the more popular features that sales and account professionals utilize:

  1. Graphs that show your sales figures for a specific period of time with the ability to adjust and create metrics that are the most meaningful to you.
  2. Charts and histograms that track trends in sales per each customer so you can determine where to apply your focus and sales efforts.
  3. Timetables that plot your sales activity and the frequency of resulting purchases.  This allows you to hone in on utilizing sales best-practices for your team so that time is maximized throughout your organization.
  4. Dynamic reports that determine the purchasing characteristics of your customers.  Being able to anticipate the purchasing needs and patterns of your customers puts your sales team in the right position at the right time.

Each of these reports can help you expand your roster of customers and effectively increase sales.  Because you have the information you need right at your fingertips – on the go and in the office – your sales team is ready to “act” (no pun intended) at a moment’s notice!

Can the customer database system you have in place today do all the above?  If not, call us and we can get help you started towards achieving greater sales results.

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