Why CRM Matters More for Sales Teams

Jun 2, 2014 | General

Re-Tooling Your Sales Force

Sage ACT! Premium CRMBusinesses of any size are constantly seeking ways to re-tool and re-configure their sales teams for greater returns. In fact, this trend has even established a name in the business consulting industry called “optimization”.

Changing the behavior patterns of personnel can be difficult for business owners. With all of the rigors of running a business (funding payroll, sustaining operational quality, product and service implementation, etc.) the only remaining time is sometimes left to address the question of: “How do we get more sales?

What if the answer to this question had absolutely nothing to do with your product, service, or the personnel within your company?

What if the answer had more to do with how your company leverages its information to obtain new sales than anything else?

Let’s explore more.

The Application of CRM for Sales Teams

Consider having a unified goal for your sales team: Establishing Patterns of Excellence.

What tools can your organization utilize to help increase and sustain more sales?

One such tool is the appropriate customer relationship management software (CRM Software) such as Sage ACT!. CRM software implemented by AspenTech offers an organization the ability to map its core sales processes and procedures right into a usable tool that creates a competitive advantage for any business.

Secret Advantages Through Sage ACT! CRM

Sage ACT! CRM software offers the ability for specific and customizable features to be programmed that are mapped directly to your sales process and then driven with data from daily sales activity in the field. A few of these special features include:

  • The ability to receive timely social media updates from customers and prospects
  • Compatibility with Google Chrome and other browsers
  • Web-based access and smartphone access for the sales team in the field
  • Easy to use mobile-friendly search features
  • Previous searches for data are saved which helps to save time
  • Integration of sales data into global reporting systems that eliminate the need for the double entry of data

And much more. See the full suite of features here.

Get The AspenTech CRM Advantage

Knowing that a solution exists to help your organization increase its sales and retain more customers is good. Knowing the right people that can help make this vision a reality is great.

The team at AspenTech Consulting Group are true CRM specialists with the ability to identify the exact needs of your company, and, assist with the training and implementation of a customer relationship management solution that drives sales excellence.

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