CRM Insights Part 1: Customer Relationship Automation

Jan 31, 2018 | General

CRM systems have been around since the 1990’s. They’ve moved to the cloud, gotten a little easier to use and maybe a bit easier to implement, but most companies are still using them the same way they were years ago. In many companies, customer data is still living on separate islands, handled manually more often than necessary, and generating inefficient and inaccurate reports. In this four-part series we’ll look at how to truly bring your CRM into the 21st century. First up: Customer Relationship Automation.
As sales interactions are more frequently digitized, the opportunities to automate customer relationships increase with every click of the mouse. Each bit of data a customer reveals while surfing or purchasing provides a new clue to how, when, and what they are likely to purchase in the future. Regardless of whether you are selling products or services, your CRM can use data from digital interactions to drive increased sales.
Here are the Customer Relationship activities your CRM should be able to automate: 
  1. Storing extensive data submitted by interested clients or potential customers.
  2. Automated email follow up appropriate to actions taken.
  3. Scoring level of interest based on email opens or website interaction (pages visited, videos viewed, stories read, etc.).
  4. Suggestions of related product purchases.
  5.  Automatically forwarding hot leads to specific sales team members based on interest level score.
  6. Post-call follow up and scheduling.
  7. Product subscription billing (weekly, monthly, annual) and renewal notices.
Efficient, accurate, and complete CRM automation is based entirely on well-designed procedures and processes within the system. This involves laying out a precise blueprint for customer interaction: What are your prospect sources? How do you gather information from prospective customers? At what point are prospects ready for contact from sales? What are the related products or services you want to suggest?
A well-designed CRM will automate your customer relationships in a way that efficiently eliminates manual processing, so understanding how your employees are currently interacting with your CRM is also critical. Freeing staff from time-consuming administrative tasks will free them up for sales, product innovation, and increasing customer satisfaction.
AspenTech CRM has extensive experience designing efficient systems to fully automate customer and client relationships. We understand how to analyze your current process, identify opportunities for improvement, and take advantage of those opportunities through automation. If you are ready to fully automate and take the frustration out of your CRM, get in touch today, 866-880-4228.  
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