CRM Analytics to Drive Your Business Success

Sep 19, 2018 | General

CRM Analytics to Drive Your Business Success

Lead analytics, sales insights, email analytics, customer activity statistics – your CRM is the “keeper of the keys” to making intelligent business decisions. But the sheer amount of data contained in your system can be daunting to decipher. With a variety of customized dashboards and widgets, you can create actionable data intelligence.

Types of CRM Analytics:

  • Charts – Your CRM likely offers pie charts, line charts and heat maps offer a visually compelling way to see your most common metrics. You just need to decide what information is important to your business. Daily, weekly, monthly reports can be automated, or you can create instant ad hoc reports as needed.
  • Targets -Targets can tell quickly tell you how your business is doing. What are your daily, weekly, monthly goals? Compare your actual sales with past trends to see how you are tracking towards your targets. Using artificial intelligence to look for and alert you to deviations, you can get immediate warning about any shift in projected patterns. Dial gauges, bar charts, watch lists and more are available to give you quick visual data points.
  • KPI – Key Performance Indicators are the essential sales analytics you need to identify areas of success – and those that need improvement. Scorecard widgets follow your top deals to completion and dashboards offer insight into essential sales data. Focus your team’s efforts on areas that will make the biggest difference to your profitability.
  • Performance – Multiple modules offer the ability to hone in on specific employee performance. Compare metrics for individual users, teams, and territories. Comparison tables give objective metrics that can be used to determine who needs support, training, or kudos. Performance analytics enable you to set and monitor achievable targets.
  • Pipeline – Pipeline funnels take important metrics and inform you of significant drops or rises in activity. See your conversion rates and pinpoint where churn is occurring. This is the data you need to create the most efficient sales process possible – including lead sources, identifying most effective contact type, and moving each sales prospect through each stage to a successful close.

Ensure you are moving your business ahead by staying on top of your analytics. Without data, you cannot make informed decisions – but too much data can be just as paralyzing as too little. AspenTech CRM doesn’t simply work with clients to implement effective systems – we identify the analytics most important to your business and make sure your reporting features are offering the data you need to make effective decisions. Give us a call today (866-880-4228 or here) and let’s make sure you can take action to drive sales.

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