Create More Meaningful Customer Interactions With CRM

Sep 19, 2014 | General

Meaningful Interactions with CRMCustomer Relationship Management systems such as Act! and Zoho CRM work in concert with your personnel to help create more meaningful contacts and interactions your clientele. By implementing and using a CRM system such as Act! or Zoho for customer engagements, your organization can offer enhanced service and support to a client when it matters most.

Important Elements of Meaningful CRM Engagements

Meaningful interactions mean that targeted information is provided by your organization to potential and existing customers in a fashion that results in a positive outcome for both parties. Let’s explore some scenarios where using a CRM system will result in more meaningful interactions that lead to a win-win for you and your customer:

  1. Information Relevance. Potential customers do not want to be inundated with information that has nothing to do with what they need. Existing customers want your organization to be in tune with their needs during each step of your process. A well designed CRM system will enable your team to segment your customers based on their specific needs. Being able to meet both of these expectations by delivering timely and relevant information through your CRM system builds the trust and confidence for the next client win.
  2. Response Time. The world is moving faster and faster, and it is being lived online and on the go. Social media use continues to increase, and with it comes your ability to help your clients as soon as they need it with your CRM system. Knowing the history of a customer and being able to respond to a service or support request with the correct information delivers the immediate response that your customers have come to expect. Act! and Zoho CRM can be mapped to fit your customer service and support processes to help offer an unparalleled customer experience.
  3. Forward Thinking. Act! CRM and Zoho CRM systems offer a complete view of your company sales pipeline and sales cycles. These specific features allow your staff to always be prepared to anticipate the needs of client and offer the latest information regarding your products, services, ideas, and support at any point of the sales process.
  4. Anticipation. You can use the data from an Act! or Zoho CRM system to track customers’ purchase history and generate reports that show new ways to meet your clients’ expectations. No more sending broad-based emails. No more generic offerings. Instead of juggling information and client calls, each contact point can offer a seamless experience that shows your client how important they are to you.

Un-complicate Customer Communication

Concise communication brings levity to many business interactions. With Act! and Zoho CRM systems, your organization can establish a pattern of relevant, clear communication with its customers that help to nurture and sustain long-lasting relationships. Whether it is extremely urgent information or a general client background, each person in your organization can find the information needed to give your clients an uncomplicated, tailored, and straightforward experience.

Targeted “Touches” Through CRM

Your customers do not want to be bombarded with information that is meaningless to them. For example, canned emails and generic responses to important questions end up being a waste of your time and they create a less valuable experience for the client.

The Act! and Zoho CRM Experts at AspenTech Consulting Group can show you how to create THE most meaningful experience for each segment of your customer base with all of the data compiled dynamically with your CRM system.

Having a properly designed CRM System will offer your organization more time to do what it does best…create breakthrough results for its customers.

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