Avoid These Top 5 Mistakes With The Right CRM Training

Mar 3, 2015 | General

Top 5 Mistakes of Not Having CRM Training

You may think your business is using your CRM software at optimum efficiency; however, you may want to consider the following five mistakes that some CRM system owners are making:

#1 Your Users Are Not Using

If your users don’t adopt your CRM system fully, then it won’t meet its objectives, and neither will your business.

If your team doesn’t use CRM, then your business isn’t working at its greatest potential. For example, if your sales force isn’t using your CRM’s sales pipeline, how does anyone know what opportunities are coming forward?  If marketing isn’t using your CRM’s email marketing system along with the segmentation that you’ve built in, how do you know the correct message is getting to the right people?  In both examples your team is not going to be operating at peak efficiency. There will be a lot of wasted time – searching for contact information, trying to find past sales data, and even tracking prospects that desire to purchase your products or services.

#2 You Are Skimping on Learning Time

Learning new skills takes time.  You want to succeed, but success doesn’t happen overnight. You need to dedicate your business to improving processes that increase efficiency with a central focus on CRM usage.

For example, implementing a new CRM doesn’t mean that everyone will automatically know how to use it – even those who have experience with other CRM systems won’t know how to use your specific system’s configuration. Your CRM system shouldn’t be looked upon as another job that everyone has to do.  No, your business processes need to evolve so that the CRM is an integral part of everyone’s work.  For example, if you want to have your marketing team working at its best, you want to be sure that they know how to access all the information about your clients and potential leads so that they can deliver the right message to the right targeted audience. Whatever they were doing “before CRM” they need to know how to do “after CRM”. By having a dedicated time set aside to train your team – and having specific training customized to each team’s needs – you set your team and your business up for success.

#3 You’re Avoiding Change

CRM is about how you function as a business. Your organization is geared toward success. By focusing on increased satisfaction in client interactions, your employees and your clients will have a better attitude. Your employees’ behavior is changed mindfully in order to create the optimal results you need.

It’s easy to fall into a rut. And people – even successful people – can become wary of change. Things are fine. Yet they could be better. You know that. Your team needs to know that. By using the right CRM program, customized to your specific situation and goals, you can change in a positive way, fostering a positive environment and outcome for your business.

#4 Not Using Filters for Your CRM Data

Filtering is key. You filter water to remove impurities. You want to do the same with your company and customer data. Consistent and consolidated data makes everyone’s lives easier. Duplicate data creates redundancies not only coming into your business, but going out. Hitting up a client multiple times with the same information just shows them that there is a gap in your organization’s focus and attention to detail may have gone to the wayside.

The more the merrier is not always the case with hard data. You want to reach the right people at the right time. You only have one chance to make a positive impression. Spamming your clients with emails or phone calls that don’t include anything they are interested in isn’t going to win you any business. By proactively filtering your data, you ensure the right message reaches its target audience in a timely manner.

#5 You Think One-Size-Fits-All

Everyone is different.  Thus, you need to address the fact that CRM users work at different levels and learn at different paces. Instead of trying to start everyone from the same place, start at their level and have everyone reach the same goal.  AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc. will help your business succeed by tailoring your CRM training to meet your organization’s objectives.

It’s important that everyone have a general overview of how the CRM works, but it’s far more important that each team and member be given the opportunity to learn what they need to know at their own pace.

Implementing a CRM without training is like buying a piano without taking lessons on how to play it.  The right CRM training program will help you avoid these top five mistakes, and ensure each individual within your organization is maximizing your investment. Contact AspenTech today to set up the right program for you.

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