Attitudes Towards Email: A Consumer’s Eye View

Oct 25, 2019 | General

Attitudes Towards Email: A Consumer’s Eye View

You know how it is when you are deeply involved in a project – it can be really difficult to get an outside perspective. This is especially true of marketing. When we understand what we are trying to say, it can be hard to realize when we aren’t being clear. It’s also hard to know what really motivates our email recipients to open an email, let along actually act on its contents!

A recent Email Addiction Research Report from Zettasphere surveyed North American consumers about their attitudes towards email:

  • Frequency: 96% of respondents check email daily; 65% check it at least 4 times a day; and 28% check 10+ times per day.
  • When: 69% check email first thing in the morning. 70% or more said they checked email in bed, while waiting for someone, while watching TV, on weekends, or when bored. 48% checked email while on vacation, compared to 42% who check email in restaurants.
  • This for That: 67% of respondents said they would give up their email address for free shipping and an equal number would exchange it for a $5 gift card. 49% said a dinner out, and 49% also said they would enter their email for 10% off. 30% will offer an email in exchange for content.
  • Unsubscribes: Why do people not unsubscribe from emails they mostly ignore? 37% said that sometimes the emails were interesting, 24% said they might shop from that brand again.
  • Ignoring Email: Why do people not open emails they receive? 59% said it was simply because they didn’t need the product or services at that time. 44% said they were too busy; 44% also wouldn’t open if the subject line was not enticing. 39% won’t open if previous emails were uninteresting.
  • How Often: 36% prefer to receive an email from a company weekly, 22% monthly, 18% twice a month; only 14% prefer to receive email more than once a week.
  • Mobile: 86% regularly open email on a smartphone, and 54% don’t recall a recent issue with mobile email. 16% only had trouble once or twice a month, and others had vision problems that interfered with their mobile viewing.
  • Expectation: 74% of respondents expect to get offers and savings when they sign up to receive email from a company. 44% expect new product information. Only 23% expect articles or advice related to the products.
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice: 38% would like to see product ratings featured in emails. 35% want to see offers and products based on past purchases. 31% want offers based on location. 24% would like the ability to buy from an email without going to the website.

The most important number: 83% said that email is their preferred channel for promotions from brands they trust. Your CRM is a critical system in improving your relationship with your customers or clients via email. AspenTech CRM has worked with hundreds of companies to create efficient systems for communicating not only with customers and clients, but within your company as well. Get in touch if you’re ready to learn how you can create a customer-centric system that meets everyone’s needs.