AspenTech CRM is Celebrating 25 Years!

Jun 3, 2019 | General

AspenTech CRM is Celebrating 25 Years!

This June, AspenTech CRM is celebrating 25 years of helping clients get the most out of their CRM.  We’re excited to celebrate this milestone anniversary and couldn’t be prouder of the organization we have today.  What started as sending a single employee to training to implement a CRM tool internally, has blossomed into a team of consultants, trainers, and support staff that has worked with hundreds of companies and many thousands of users over the years.  Thank you to Greg Knapp, our founder, for having the will and ambition to start AspenTech CRM!  And thank you to our clients for your continued trust and support!

Companies often take unique paths from their start and AspenTech CRM’s story is certainly unique as well.  Greg was working for a university in the early 1990s, managing their conference center operations.  They had a problem, though – there wasn’t any software they had that would allow them to easily track their customers and prospects so the sales team could properly keep notes and follow-up on opportunities.  So, Greg started looking for a solution and he found Act!.  Act! was the first CRM available for DOS when it was released in 1987 and by the time Greg was looking for options, Act! had made its way to Windows.  The university still had a problem – although they had determined what software application would work best, they had no idea how to implement it.  After a bit of looking, they found the Act! Certified Consultant (ACC) program and sent Greg for a week of training and testing to become an ACC. 

Armed with his newly-acquired ACC knowledge, Greg went back to the university and successfully implemented Act! for the conference center operations team.  It was the perfect solution and the team benefited greatly from Act!.  Not long after that, an interesting thing started happening – Greg started getting phone calls from other companies who wanted help with their Act!. 

Back in the days of boxed software, Act! included a small booklet listing all of the Act! Certified Consultants by state and someone had missed the memo that Greg didn’t want his contact information published in the Act! Certified Consultants directory.  Greg had never looked at his Act! certification as a business opportunity, only as what he needed to get the job done for the university.  At first, Greg ignored the phone calls but they kept coming.  Eventually, Greg decided he couldn’t ignore the calls any longer and AspenTech Consulting Group (now AspenTech CRM) was born in 1994.  

25 years later, AspenTech CRM is the premier implementation, consulting, training and support partner for Act! and Zoho solutions in the region.  The last 25 years have been an amazing experience with innovative technologies, fabulous clients, and unique challenges solved.  We are looking forward to another amazing 25 years and we hope you’ll be there along the way!