ACT!’s Place in The Cloud

Dec 16, 2011 | General

Cloud Computing and Act!Cloud       Cloud       Cloud

Heard that word recently?  It seems to be everywhere.  You probably hear it daily, if not more.  We here at AspenTech are asked about it all the time.  Can Act! be “in the cloud?  Absolutely.  The cloud may not be the right platform for all applications nor is it the right platform for all businesses; but, with the right mix of software and business environment variables, the cloud can save you time and money and keep your local office networks more secure.

If you don’t have a server or don’t have one that is internet-accessible to your remote users, or perhaps you’re not interested in the initial purchase, maintenance and upkeep of your own server, then hosting applications in the cloud may be the right decision for your business.  AspenTech recognizes this and we offer Act! hosting services which enable our clients move their Act! databases to the cloud.

AspenTech’s cloud-based Act! hosting services provide server hosting for offline database synchronization as well as real-time Act! for Web access .   Our solution keeps all of your users on the same page, sharing the same Act! database, no matter where they’re working today.  Additionally, you maintain full control of your database fields and user privileges just as if the database was on your own server. Best of all, this is done with no server or network investment on your part.

All of our servers are housed in a certified, collocated data center, so you don’t have to worry about any type of disaster taking you offline.  The system also provides nightly backups, regular database maintenance, and emergency support is available.

Whether your business is local, global, or anywhere in between, our cloud-based Act! hosting services can make your CRM system a success.