Virtual Firm Thrives with Sage ACT! Hosted Solution

Feb 11, 2012 | General

Sage Act! Hosted Solution

Sage Act! hosting solutions enable virtual companies to compete with their larger brick and mortar competitors. Recently, AspenTech Consulting Group helped one such company in Grand Rapids, MI meets its goals with this solution.

A virtual regional professional services firm had sales reps throughout the Great Lakes region including: Kalamazoo, Benton Harbor, Muskegon, Traverse City, Flint, Lansing, Toledo, Fort Wayne, South Bend, among others. The firm had no contact management system in place. Reps used Outlook, Excel and Word to track everything and sometimes nothing, while the “home office” had no clear picture of what was happening in the field. Since the reps were on the road 80% of the time and often in areas without reliable Internet service, they required a solution that managed the data on their laptops.

This firm had no server, nor a desire to purchase and manage a server, so our hosted Sage Act! solution was the perfect fit: A hosted Sage Act! system with users routinely syncing. We designed a custom Sage Act! system to meet the organization’s sales and marketing requirements.  Next the firm’s “islands of data” were migrated into the new Sage Act! system which was uploaded onto a cloud server.  Sales reps had Sage Act! 2012 installed on their laptops and remote databases were deployed.  AspenTech Consulting Group worked with entire team via GoToMeeting training classes that were designed to incorporate the daily business practices of the firm into their use of Sage Act!.

Within six months of implementation, the firm had 100% ROI from by closing the open opportunities that had been missed without having an Act! system. Sales rep productivity is up significantly as a result of having accurate and consistent information at their fingertips. Management’s sales coaching is resulting in improved targeting of prospects with higher closing ratios. The firm now has a valuable and protected customer database enabling the owner to sleep at night. An unexpected benefit occurred when a sales rep left unexpectedly and a new rep was hired into that region. The new rep “inherited” the Sage Act! contacts from the departed rep and sales in that region were barely impacted by the change.