Act! Version 23 Released

Mar 10, 2021 | General

Insights into What’s New in Act! v23

The evolution of Act! continues in v23 which builds out its small business CRM tool set with dynamic pipeline management, powerful new marketing automation capabilities and many subscriber-exclusive enhancements. All these capabilities allow your organization to take its sales and marketing to new heights.

Here at AspenTech, we often advise a bit of caution when moving to the latest and greatest versions as there often can be minor issues that need to be worked out.  As always, we continue to test out the new Act! versions. At this time, we are recommending upgrading to v23.0.  Feel free to contact us about upgrade questions!

Brand New Word Integration

  • Completely re-designed Word add-in
  • Similar functionality as previous add-in but now uses the Act! API
  • Compatible with 64-bit Office Support
  • Improved big button controls inside Word

Outlook Integration Improvements

  • In v22.1, Act! rewrote the entire Outlook Integration to work via the API
  • This release continues to build upon that new integration framework
  • Email history recording matches on all email fields on a Contact record, including custom email fields
  • Improved scheduling Activity controls
  • Various bug fixes

Other Updates to Improve Act!

  • Remove in-product links to the old Act! Emarketing which was discontinued in 2020
  • Click here to learn more about Act! Marketing Automation (AMA)
  • 50+ priority bug fixes
  • Improved in-product language translations
  • General user interface control (UI) updates
  • Click here to see a full list of quality fixes

Act! Marketing Automation – New Preference Center

  • Emarketing recipients now can change their email preferences
  • Previously, the only option was to unsubscribe from all emarketing
  • Design preferences templates that map back into Act! CRM Contact fields
  • Use those fields to refine your emarketing send groups to target audiences better
  • Can create different templates for different product lines, sister companies, etc.
  • Choose which preferences template to use in the email footer area

Act! Marketing Automation – New Unsubscribe Center

  • If your email recipients do choose to fully unsubscribe, you now have more options for what they see
  • Create multiple unsubscribe pages for different types of campaigns
  • Create branded pages for different business units or other use cases
  • Choose which unsubscribe template to use in the email footer area

Act! Marketing Automation – Advanced Search & Filter

  • On grid views, there is a new filter area on the right
  • Search by keywords in campaign name or tags
  • Filter by user name or campaign status
  • Expanded sorting options
  • Available in Campaigns, Email Templates, Landing Pages, and Assets areas

Act! Marketing Automation – Organization Folders

  • Have a lot of campaigns or templates built?
  • Want to start organizing things better?
  • AMA just added the ability to make folders to organize your campaigns
  • Drag and drop lines into the correct folder
  • Select a folder in the creation wizard steps
  • Design folder structure in the Admin area in AMA
  • Available from the list view in Campaigns, Email Templates, & Landing Pages

Act! Marketing Automation – Teams

  • Teams have been used in Act! CRM for years
  • Teams are often used to group like users together to allow or disallow certain functionality
  • Now Teams functionality is available in AMA

Act! Marketing Automation – Email Template Design Options

  • Add gifs to your email templates
  • Use icons in your templates
  • Easy title block design element
  • Create professional header menu items

Act! Marketing Automation – Email Template Import & Export

  • AMA now allows you to export your existing templates built in AMA
  • Similarly, you can now import templates into AMA
  • This uses the JSON file type
  • Useful for those using graphic designers or other third-party template designers
  • Previously, you could only import templates by copy/pasting the HTML script into the WYSIWYG/HTML editor

Act! Marketing Automation – Campaign Design Flowchart Options

  • Have a complex campaign flow chart?
  • Prefer to see it laid out horizontally instead of vertically?
  • Now you can flip orientations quickly
  • Use the shortcut buttons to change orientation, zoom in or out, and reset the view
  • You can still use your Control button and mouse to zoom or change the view

Act! Marketing Automation – Landing Page Impressions

  • The statistics you can view for your landing page has increased
  • Now you can see the total impressions
  • Impressions are defined as any visit to the landing page, regardless if they did or did not complete the form
  • So if you have 10 impressions and 5 leads captured, you have a 50% conversion rate on your form.
  • For lower performing conversion rates, you may want to simplify your design to encourage more successful leads

Act! Marketing Automation – Landing Page Form Field Order

  • It’s now easier to change the fields on your form or survey
  • Restyled, more clear icons
  • Just drag and drop the field to reorder them!
  • Hit the triple-dot icon for advanced options

Act! Marketing Automation – Set Default Reply-To Email Addresses

  • Now you can set a default reply-to email address
  • If you have purchased multiple domains for your AMA account, you can set different defaults per domain
  • Edit these in the Admin area of AMA

Ready to Move Your Act! System to the Cloud?

Cloud hosting your Act! server has many advantages:

  • Work from anywhere, anyhow via web access or installed client remote sync
  • Offload the technical details so you can focus on running your business
  • Leverage a modern secure platform with best-in-class security
  • Avoid server costs, save big on upfront costs
  • Change and grow your Act! system with ease

Download 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud by clicking here.

Been a while since you upgraded?

If you haven’t upgraded recently you will also get the features released between your current version and Act! v22. To see all the features by version, click here. This handy chart goes all the way back to Act! v7!