Act! Version 22 Released

Nov 22, 2019 | General

Insights into What’s New in Act! v22

The evolution of Act! continues in v22 which builds out its small CRM business tool set with dynamic pipeline management, powerful new marketing automation capabilities and many subscriber-exclusive enhancements. All these capabilities allow your organization to take its sales and marketing to new heights. Act! also continues to improve its new pricing model called Growth Suite which bundles Act! CRM and Marketing Automation. 

Download our v22 Act! Growth Suite brochure by clicking here

Act! Pro v22 – The Final Release

  • Act! Pro is a limited version of Act! CRM
  • This version will be the last version Pro produced by Act!
  • Act! Pro will only be supported through June 2021 and will not have new features
  • Act! Pro users have a limited opportunity to upgrade to Act! Growth Suite at a discount pricing rates for a limited time
  • With Act! Growth Suite, Pro users will gain new features they’ve never had with Act! such as:
    • Unlimited tech support direct from Act!.
    • Act! for Web – connect to your Act! database from a web browser
    • Act! Companion mobile app
    • Act! API – integrate your Act! database with many other programs you may be using
    • Act! Marketing Automation drip marketing features.

Contact us to discuss your Act! Pro options.

New Improved User Experience

  • Act! has redesigned the user interface
  • Three color theme skins to choose from
  • New improved icons for key areas and actions

New User-Centric Hub for All Things Act!

  • Replaces the current Welcome Screen with much more valuable tools
  • New out-of-the-box dashboards include:
  • Want different information in your personal view? Make your own charts and graphs to meet your specific need and improve your employees’ productivity
  • Click through action on charts to see source data and shortcuts to records such as Opportunities or Contacts
  • The Welcome Screen will continue to have on-boarding features and content such as links to training videos, knowledgebase how-to articles, CRM migration import tool and more


Act! Subscriber Feature

Act! Marketing Automation – New Template Starter Campaigns

  • Choose from six new campaign templates
    • These are not email templates, but whole campaigns pre-built for you to use 
    • Choose from very simple to complex-step sends with branches, multiple emails, or automated follow-up activities
    • Modify with your specific email templates, pictures, or verbiage
    • Add or remove emails or action steps as required
    • Or just use these to brainstorm what you might want to do and build yours from scratch after!

Act! subscriber feature

Act! Marketing Automation – Marketing Automation Tab

  • In addition to the existing Campaign Results tab on Contacts, with v22 Act! has added a new “Marketing Automation” tab
  • With this, you can immediately add or remove a contact from a campaign (without modifying the campaign group)
  • You can also quickly initiate single-email sends to that individual contact using one of your existing templates
  • This tab is currently only available via the online access for your database.  It is currently not available in the installed version of Act!

Act! subscriber feature


Act! Marketing Automation – Other Great Updates

  • Redesigned user interface with navigation bar at the top so you have more work space designing your templates and campaigns
  • Need help designing templates? AspenTech CRM can now design them for you
  • New contact field “AMA Score” automatically populated to show your hot leads based on campaign interactions such as opens or clicks – just add this field to your contact layout
  • New dynamic group called “Scored Leads” that populates based off of the score field
  • Campaign Notification Options – now you can have AMA send you not only an email reminding you when a campaign was sent, but also now attach an Excel spreadsheet of the contact emails
  • Improved logging and quick reference information for reference or troubleshooting

Act! subscriber feature

Custom Tables Improvements

  • Create Groups using your Custom Table data
  • Create Advanced Queries of your Custom Table data
  • Set default layouts based on user logged in
  • Enhanced parent / child setup
  • Control layout tab order
  • Mail Merge current date / time

Act! Custom Tables optionally available at $10/user/month

Google Integration Updates

  • Support for new Google Authorization scopes
  • Support for new Google API updates
  • Changes applied to back-end services & Google integration layer
  • Supported Google features include:
    • Request OAuth token from Google
    • Contact Sync
    • Calendar Sync
    • Record to History
    • Schedule Automation Integration Sync

Additional Act! Improvements That Make Act! Even Better

  • Brand new Web Layout Designer – now design your layouts with your online access much easier!
  • Performance & Quality Improvements

Act! Companion Mobile App Improvements

  • Act! is continually improving its Act! Companion mobile App
  • Now view and enter Notes
  • Create and clear activities or directly create history records
  • All activity types are now supported
  • Scan Business Cards into Act! Contacts
  • Proximity Search for Contacts near you
  • More notification options

Ready to Move Your Act! System to the Cloud?

Cloud hosting your Act! server has many advantages:

  • Work from anywhere, anyhow via web access or installed client remote sync
  • Offload the technical details so you can focus on running your business
  • Leverage a modern secure platform with best-in-class security
  • Avoid server costs, save big on upfront costs
  • Change and grow your Act! system with ease

Download 5 Reasons to Move to the Cloud by clicking here.

Been a while since you upgraded?

If you haven’t upgraded recently you will also get the features released between your current version and Act! v22. To see all the features by version, click here. This handy chart goes all the way back to Act! v7!