Act! v22.1 Update 4 Available

Aug 25, 2020 | General

Act! v22.1 Update 4 Available

Act! v22.1 was released in early June 2020.  Since then Act! has released three updates to v22.1.  To get an overview of new features in v22.1, please read this blog.

Curious what came out last fall too in v22.0? Check out our What’s New in Act! page for a comprehensive list.

Some highlights of update changes in update 4:

  • Host of important Outlook integration bug fixes
  • Many Google integration bug fixes
  • Many regional-specific or language-related fixes
  • To view the full list of improvements for these updates click here

Is AspenTech CRM recommending this update?

If you are already on v22.1 – we definitely suggest your users apply this update, especially if you use the Outlook integrations. 

If you are currently on v22.0 or earlier – Most all large updates have bugs and kinks to work out.  With v22.1, there is a total overhaul of how the Act! Outlook integration works.  There are reports of issues with email history recording working improperly.  We are actively monitoring this.  Feel free to contact us for more information. This update 4 definitely cleaned up many of those concerning bugs, but there are still other issues we are actively monitoring.  If email recording is not a big feature to your organization, then we are recommending that v22.1 is good to go! 


Download Information:

These updates do not affect the schema of your Act! database, meaning anyone can safely apply the update.  However, it is best to have a coordinated plan to update all machines in a timely manner.  All users of your database must be on the same upgrade for many Act! features to function properly.

To download the latest v22.1 updates download them here:


If you are not currently using Act! v22 and would like to upgrade, please feel free to contact us.


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