Act! v20.1 Update 7 Now Available

Aug 31, 2018 | General

Act! v20.1 Update 7 Now Available

The latest release of Update 7 Act! v20.1 builds on the original Act! V20 launch in mid-March 2018. For those that are currently running v20.1, you may want to consider downloading this latest update if you haven’t already. Some highlights of this update are:

  • Important email integration fixes (Quick Attach, Exclude My Record, etc.)
  • Remove potential cause of Calendar duplicates for when synching
  • Improvements for Serial Number tracking for Premium Plus subscribers and much more.
  • To view the full list of improvements for these updates click here.

Download Information:

Please note – If you are already running Act! v20.1, you only need to download the latest Update 7. All Act! Updates are rollups that include updates 1 – 6 as well. This update requires all Microsoft Office programs to be closed such as Outlook, Word, Excel etc.

Another key point is that these updates do not affect the schema of your Act! database, meaning anyone can safely apply the update. While not required, it would be beneficial and a best practice to apply this update to all Act! users. Note: for Act! Premium Web users, this update must be applied on the server hosting your Act! database. We recommend contacting your Act! administrator to handle the Web server update, which will then implement the fix for all Web users.

To download the latest Act! v20.1 updates:

  • For Act! Premium and Web, click here.
  • For Act! Pro, click here.

If you are not currently using Act! v20.1 and would like to upgrade, please feel free to contact us. At AspenTech CRM, we meet these challenges head-on. We address every issue you might have with your CRM – whether it involves selection, technology, training, or process – and create a manageable plan. We then work with you to implement that plan so you can use your CRM to its fullest potential, giving you a 360° view of your customers – and your business. Call (866) 880-4228 to start a conversation with one of our CRM experts.

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