Act! v17 With Mapper – Geocode Feature Demonstration

Oct 5, 2015 | General

Trying to map your Act! contacts has often been a challenge. We’ve seen clients export contacts to Excel or to use generic third party applications to varying degrees of success. Now there is Mapper from DesignR1. When the Mapper app is installed with Act!, it will geocode, add the longitude and latitude coordinates, of the contacts on each record in your Act! v17 CRM system. (By the way,  Mapper works with earlier versions of Act! as well.) Using this geocoded information pushed from Act! into either Google or Yahoo maps, you can map all or some of your contacts, do smart route planning and radius searches.

Mapper and Act! are an excellent pair for any organization that has a mobile or outside sales force or just an interest in determining where their customers and prospects are located. The Act! consultants at AspenTech Consulting Group experts in the use of Mapper as well as being a reseller of this powerful app. Below is an excerpt from our Act! v17 preview webinar demonstrating the core functionality of the Mapper app:

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