Act! v17 CRM With Duplicate Contact Wizard (DeDupper)

Oct 4, 2015 | General

Every Act! database eventually has to deal with duplicate contacts. Duplicates come from everywhere, employee typos and errors, list imports, you name it. The native Act! Dedupping function  only lets you clean up two records at a time. But what if you have hundreds or thousands of records that are duplicates? Act! is also very specific in how it searches for duplicates, face it, its’s a computer. Becky Smith and Rebecca Smith are not duplicates in the eyes of Act!, but you know they are. Egen Consulting’s Duplicate Contact Wizard (DeDupper) app fixes all these issues and more, very quickly.  his excellent tool lets you clean up multiple records based on any number of criteria. It also uses fuzzy logic to tell you when Becky Smith and Rebecca Smith are duplicates.

Learn how to prevent the duplication of contacts and clean up your contact data in this Act! CRM in this demo of Duplicate Contact Wizard (DeDupper) app from AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc. for Act! v17.

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