Act! Service Pack 16.2 Available (Act! v16 SP2)

Oct 8, 2014 | General

Act! v16 Pro Act! v16 Premium

Service Pack 16.2 is now publicly available for Pro, Premium, and Web CRM users through the Download Center on

Act! v16 SP2 Release Overview

This service pack is available for all 16.x users.  This is primarily a defect release which also includes changes to the Act! emarketing view, including an account dashboard and an improved signup experience.  Act! v16 SP 2 does not include a schema change and therefore may be deployed on as few or as many computers in a shared environment with no adverse affects.

A detailed overview of the release is available here:

For assistance with integrating this release, we encourage you to contact the Act! Certified Consultants at AspenTech Consulting Group, Inc.