Act! v16 CRM Sunset – Protect Pricing and Maintain Support Now

Aug 22, 2016 | General

Act v16 CRM SunsetOn September 30, 2016 Act! Loyalty pricing ends for all current Act! v16 licensee’s.  Additionally, on November 30, 2016 Act! v16 will no longer be supported by Act! and this version will become obsolete.  For those using Act! v16 here are the important aspects of this event to consider:

  1. Act! v16 uses that do not upgrade by September 30, 2016 will lose their Loyalty Pricing for life.  Real world impact is your cost to upgrade will go up +25% if you don’t purchase your upgrade by 9/30/16.
  2. Support for Act v16 will be discontinued November 30, 2016.  Do you want to run your business on unsupported software?
  3. Act v16 licenses will no longer be available.
  4. No further updates for Act v16 will be released.
  5. Avoiding an upgrade now may require a forced upgrade later that could result in inconveniences for your users, and, at a higher lifetime cost.
  6. Staying on Act! v16 deprives you of all the benefits implemented in the latest release of Act! v18 CRM.

Why Move from Act! v16 CRM?

Here are the key five questions to consider regarding the Act! v16 sunset and upgrading to Act! v18:

  • Why pay more for Act! CRM, when you can take lock in Act! Loyalty pricing level for the life of your licenses?
  • Why miss out on the dozens of new features released in Act! v18?
  • Why not take advantage of hundreds of business tools and apps like Office 365, PayPal, WuFoo, QuickBooks, and more, through Act! v18’s new API?
  • Why not enjoy the expanded system capabilities with Windows 10, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 11, and more?
  • Why not explore the power of Act’s integrated and expanded email marketing features?

How to Migrate from Act! v16 CRM

Purchase your upgrade to Act! v18 today by contacting the team at AspenTech to lock in your Act! loyalty pricing – a savings of +25% for life.

Don’t wait to miss out on this tremendous opportunity!  The window to take advantage of Act! Loyalty pricing ends on September 30, 2016.  Call 866-880-4228 or Email Us.