Act! is A Top Choice for Business CRM

Jul 17, 2014 | General

There are countless Customer Relationship Management software programs available. Act! is one of the most popular, and for good reason. It stands out among the competition because it gives you what you need in a CRM. What makes Act! so popular?

Act! CRM Software in MichiganIn-Demand Aspects of Act! Business CRM Software

Act!’s hallmarks are ease of use, flexibility in design and deployment and reliability. What good is a CRM system if your users don’t use it? When tested against other CRM system, Act! is consistently the easiest to use.

Cloud or on-site, sync or no-sync, mobile access… the questions of how to deploy your CRM are many. Act! gives you the most options of any CRM system and if on-site hosting is a priority, then Act! is your best option

Act! also gives you unlimited users. Unlike other CRM database software which can limit you to as few as 5 users, Act! doesn’t make you spend more when you have more employees. Doesn’t it make sense to have a CRM without arbitrary user limits? Why should you be penalized because your company is doing so well you have more employees who need to access its CRM system?

Your business is unique. You don’t work in a cookie-cutter environment. Your CRM shouldn’t, either. With Act!, you can customize your CRM software to satisfy your specific sales and business needs. You can change page layouts, data fields, create the right reports and graphs that reflect the information you need to track. While other CRM’s make you pay extra for the ability to customize your CRM platform, Act! let’s you instantly craft the CRM you need.

You can create and coordinate compelling email campaigns with the emarketing capabilities (Swiftpage Emarketing and Act! Emarketing) integrated within Act! You can track the effectiveness of your marketing efforts with graphs and reports that let you see what is important to you.

Act! is user-friendly and intuitive, so everyone can quickly get up to speed. Your sales team can take notes during meetings with potential customer and that information is available to every user. Unlike some other CRMs, Act! is instantly responsive, saving information as it is entered. And Act!’s task reminders keep everything moving smoothly form initial contact through the final sale.

Act! offers daily backup to your server and or to the cloud. Not all CRM’s give you this option unless you pay extra. Tracking your responses, updating your calendars and contacts, crafting targeted emails – these are all things that need to be saved properly and securely.

With Act!, you load the software on your computer and sync with your mobile devices so that every change is managed and kept by every user. By securely hosting and backing up the content you need, Act! keeps your new business development efforts moving.

Act! is scalable – the costs and effectiveness don’t change because your user numbers change. Act!’s customer relationship management can readily handle an increase in usage without a significant drop in cost effectiveness or functionality. You can count on Act! to perform reliably.  And it does it all at the same per user price.

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