Act! Pro v22 – The Final Release

Apr 22, 2020 | General

In fall 2019, Swiftpage announced that v22 would be the last version developed for Act! Pro. For those of you currently on Act! Pro, this means you have some decisions to make.

Limited Time Offers for Pro Users:

  • Current Act! Pro users can upgrade to v22 Pro for $249.99 ($100 off) now through 4/30/20. 
  • Or upgrade to Act! Premium CRM (on premise solution) for just $240/user/year (33% off list price). This offer ends 6/30/20. With Act! Premium CRM you gain access to features such as Act! for Web, Act! Companion mobile app, Act! Insights custom dashboards, and the ability to add Act! Marketing Automation as an addon to your subscription. 
  • If you choose to remain on Pro, be aware that sales of Act! v22 Pro will end 6/30/2020. This means you will not be able to purchase new Act! Pro license user seats for your software after this date. This also means if you are not on the v22 version, you will not be able to upgrade past your current version.

Please reach out today to get upgraded. 

Act! Pro v22 – Overview

  • Act! Pro is a limited version of Act! CRM
  • This version will be the last version Pro produced by Act!
  • Act! Pro will only be supported through June 2021 and will not have new features
  • Act! Pro users have a limited opportunity to upgrade to Act! Growth Suite at a discount pricing rates for a limited time
  • Sales of Act! v22 Pro will end 6/30/2020.
  • With Act! Growth Suite, Pro users will gain new features they’ve never had with Act! such as:
    • Unlimited tech support direct from Act!.
    • Act! for Web – connect to your Act! database from a web browser
    • Act! Companion mobile app
    • Act! API – integrate your Act! database with many other programs you may be using
    • Act! Marketing Automation drip marketing features.

Contact us to discuss your Act! Pro options.

If you are not currently using Act! Pro and would like to discuss your options, please feel free to contact us. Not familiar with the new features in Act! v22? Click here.

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